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A store will be automatically created when you create your LeagueLineup site. You’ll immediately begin receiving 5% of every sale.

Upgrade to Pro to receive 10% or Elite to receive 15%!

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Sales Reporting & Commissions

You’ll have access to daily reports showing every sale including your commission. Use your commissions to upgrade to Pro or Elite and earn even more! Or, we can transfer your commissions to a Paypal account once you’ve earned at least $10.00.

The Benefits

It’s FREE and it’s easy to setup! There’s no cost to open or maintain your store and your store is automatically created when you create a site on LeagueLineup
No inventory to manage! Each product is made to order and shipped directly to the customer. You won’t get stuck with a garage full of items waiting to be sold

Receive UP TO 15% Commission on EVERY sale! Upgrade your site to LeagueLineup Pro or LeagueLineup Elite to receive higher commisssions.

  • Free sites receive 5%
  • Pro sites receive 10%
  • Elite sites receive 15%
Products people want! Your fans and members can choose from more than 500 unique items to customize and personalize.