Last Updated: April 29, 2017

2017 BT Travel Baseball Parent Code of Conduct

BT Travel Baseball Parents Code of Conduct
We ask all parents to adhere to the following code of conduct:

1. I will let the players play: Cheer them on when they do well, encourage them when they don’t. Don’t expect more than they can deliver, and most importantly, be a fan of everyone on the team, not just your own child.

2. I will communicate responsibly. If a problem needs to be discussed, I will wait 24 hours to request a meeting with the Manager to calmly discuss the issue. Any safety or health related item should be identified immediately. If a meeting with the Manager cannot be arranged in a timely manner, contact the Travel President to schedule a meeting. The Travel President and Commissioner can also be included at the meeting with the Manager.

3. I will let the coaches’ coach. Your child’s coach deserves your cooperation and respect even if you disagree with how the team is managed. If you don’t agree with the way the coach manages any aspect of a game or practice, discuss it personally with the coach, waiting 24 hours to address your concern will facilitate a calm conversation on the issue. If a problem persists, bring it to the attention of the Travel President and then this topic will be discussed at the BT Baseball Executive Board Level.

4. I understand that I will not verbally bash a player/parent/coach at any time in the public during the sporting event. If this occurs, a meeting with parent(s) + BT Baseball Executive Board will be setup immediately. Please refer to point #2 above.

5. As we are in the social media world, please read the below point with caution.
a. I will refrain from use of social media to make negative comments about the league, program, player/parent/coach using any means of social media (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc). If violated, Administrative Actions may be taken by the Travel president, Executive Board, and/or Commissioner, which could affect your child’s involvement in our program.
Parents must remember that coaches are volunteers and not paid employees.Posts, blogs, or communications defacing our program’s image must not be tolerated in order to protect the integrity of the Burlington Township Baseball Program, our volunteers, and players.

6. I will let the umpires umpire. I will accept the calls made by the umpire and understand that the BT Manager is the sole individual responsible for reviewing plays and rules with the umpire.

7. I will encourage my child to take ownership and be responsible for his baseball experience.

8. I will encourage my child to follow the Player Code of Conduct.

9. I will display good sportsmanship.

10. I will respect the facilities that we play in and I will assist in keeping them clean and safe.

11. I will positively encourage the players on the field. While baseball “chatter” is sometimes used during a game, loud obnoxious noises or screaming with the intent to rattle the opposing pitcher is prohibited. Intentional distractions, such as banging or rattling dugout fences will not be tolerated.

12. I will not bring or consume alcohol in any park facilities where any BT Falcons team is present.

13. I will not smoke or use any tobacco products in or around the playing field.

14. I will otherwise follow the BT Baseball Travel Guidelines.

I have read and understand the above Code of Conduct. I also understand that anyone I bring to games, practices, events (friends/family, etc) will also abide by this policy.

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