Fundraising Acknowledgement
The Franklin Regional Football Boosters provides additional funding and support to the Franklin Regional Football Team to supplement the school district as well as enhance the experience for the athlete. The Franklin Regional Football Boosters utilize multiple fund raising events (as outlined in our Mission Statement) to provide funding for the student /athletes and the football program. Although, the fundraising events are not mandatory and do not impact the student athletes ability to participate on the football team, however, they do provide necessary clothing, food, training, and post camp/football game activities for the student athlete. Many of our fundraising events do not require monetary involvement only your donation of time.
Our mission is to provide the student/ athlete with the best experience and opportunity possible while participating in the Franklin Regional Football Program. For that reason, we asking parents and players to sign the attached acknowledgement form outlining the fundraising responsibilities for the upcoming football season.
Your signature will acknowledge that you understand the financial and event participation responsibilities and are willing to meet those responsibilities. Your student/athlete is given many opportunities to meet those requirements by participating in the events and selling the items chosen for fundraising. If you elect not to participate, your student/athlete is still eligible to participate in the football program, however they will not be eligible to participate in post camp /football game activities, participation to and from camp and eligible to receive the football banquet gifts that the Franklin Regional Football Boosters provide to the student athletes.

Student athletes that join the program after the cut off will assume a prorated responsibility for fundraising events that were missed.

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I hereby acknowledge that I understand the monetary and voluntary responsibilities of participating in and receiving the benefits of the Franklin Regional Football Boosters Program.

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