2018 Fall Baseball & Softball Online Registration

MAX AGE FOR SOFTBALL IS 14. If your Child turns 15 on or before January 1st 2018, sorry, but they cannot join.

MAX AGE FOR BASEBALL IS 15. If your Child turns 16 on or before May 1st 2018, sorry, but they cannot join.
Thank you for registering for the 2018 HYAL Fall Baseball & Softball Season. This year for online sign ups, we will be charging the work duty deposit at the same time as registration. If you come down, sign up for your work duty, and perform your work duty, then you will be refunded the full $100 - Refunds are done at the end of each month. This is only for online sign ups. In person just needs a deposit check.
Please come down to one of the in person sign ups to register for work duty. If you can not come down in person, you can contact the baseball snackbar commissioner, softball commissioner or the baseball commissioner by email or phone to schedule your work duty. It is your responsibility to sign up. If you do not sign up, and complete work duty, then the $100 deposit will not be refunded. The HYAL is a Volunteer program with no help from the Township. All the fields are maintained by Volunteers.

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