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Metro Detroit LGBT Softball League (MDSL) is home to over 400 players from all types of talented backgrounds. We have seasoned veterans and beginners who have never played the game. Rest assured there is a level for you. Take some time and review the definitions of each division. Fill out the New Player Form and submit it to a board member. Your information will be available to all team managers.

Advanced Recreational D2
These teams have a wide variety of talent levels, and are mainly comprised of players who may have played or have knowledge of the game. Some may have played the game at some point while others will have considerable experience. These games can be competitive but are more focused on building skills.

Recreational- D3/ Beginner Recreational D4
These teams are mainly comprised of new comers to the league. Many of these players have never played the sport before. Many of these teams enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the sport for recreation and socializing. These teams are typically coached by Competitive-level players, so that players may learn the game in a fun, stress-free environment.

No matter your level, please feel to approach any board member if you have questions. We are here to help you enjoy your softball experience. With the number of participants that return each year this should be an indication that there is a place for you in MDSL.

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