Pack 56 Annual Family Campout

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Pack 56 Family Campout at the Elks Club - Friday, May 18th to Saturday, May 19th

Led by the Bear Parents

Starts at 5 PM
Cost - $10 per person (child or adult)

This is a great activity and much-loved tradition of Pack 56. To make this event a success we need all parents to provide adult leadership for the activities and to help with preparations such as:

Supervising games & activities
Supervising the fire pit
Buying things at the store
Setup and other preparations
Providing Entertainment
Preparing or Serving food

Please sign up on Genius and tell us what you will be bringing and what position you can volunteer for:

If you are unable to help for any reason, please check this box

We will purchase many of the many dishes but we also rely
upon some parents to bring small dessert such as cookies or
brownies, and side dishes such as potato or pasta salads.

IMPORTANT - Please read the following:

We ask that you discuss with your kids the importance of safety around the campfire. First, children are expected to obey the instructions of the parents who are supervising the fire. Second, horseplay around the fire is forbidden, and that includes poking sticks in the fire. We know the boys tend to do this, especially when cooking marshmallows, but please work with us to make sure our campout isn't marred by tears or a trip to the hospital. Please understand that it's often the kids who AREN'T fooling around who get hurt by ones who are.

The Pack Leaders will make these rules clear to the children at the camp-out, but we are asking your help in (A) making sure they understand this message BEFORE arriving to camp, and (B) reinforcing the message DURING the campout.

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