2019 Blue & Gold Dinner Reservation

You are cordially invited to attend our annual
2019 Blue & Gold Dinner
For an Afternoon of Family Fun and Celebration
** Basket Raffles ** DJ Dancing ** Games ** Arrow of Light Ceremony **
Hosted at The Primavera Regency
1080 Valley Road, Stirling NJ
Sunday, February 10th, 2018, 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Please RSVP before Sunday, February 3rd

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1) Make Your Reservation:

2) Choose Your Meals
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Adult Dinner - $18 each
Choice of chicken or salmon entree, includes penne vodka, caesar salad, seasonal accompaniments and beverage.
Child's Meal - $12 each
Chicken fingers with french fries and beverage.

Dessert is included with all meals - Cookies, Pastries and Ice Cream Bar

3) Calculate Your Payment
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Example: if you have 2 adult meals and 2 children meals - check "adult meal 1", "adult meal 2", "child meal 1" and "child meal 2"
The total number of meal boxes you check should be equal to the total number of meals you reserved above
If your scout is a Webelo2, his meal is free. Check a child meal box for him and also check the "Webelos2 free" box to offset the cost.

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