STEP 2:Player Code of Conduct

Redwood Fastpitch
Players Code of Conduct Contract

1. I will behave appropriately at games and tournaments and will respect the Volunteers and property of the game site and understand I represent Redwood Fastpitch Softball League.

2. I will not swear or disrupt games by arguing or harassing fans, other teams or officials. We will play aggressive ball, but not dirty.

3. I will support my teammates and coaches. I understand that jealousy, backstabbing and gossip about teammates and coaches is unacceptable. I will encourage good sportsmanship, and not trash talk fans or other opponents this includes interactions on all social media sites, texting, and all forms of electronic correspondence.

4. I will be on time for practice and games and will give 100% during practice as well as games. Practice is to learn, not socialize.

5. I understand that softball games are not always equal play-time. I understand my coach may reduce my game time for poor sportsmanship, late appearances or unexcused absence from practice or games.

6. Consequences or Non-Compliance to Player Contract:

If a player does not, cannot or will not comply with the guidelines of above stated contract or team rules specified by the league or the head coach, the league or head coach may:

A. Bench Player
B. Reduce play-time
C. Suspension
D. Remove a player from the team for the remainder of the season
E. Review status of player for following season

I have read the above contract and understand the guidelines and consequences as stated:

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