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In case of emergency I/we hereby authorize emergency treatment and/or care of the above participant at any hospital.

I would like to volunteer as a:

Concussion Information
RP Baseball Concussion Protocol: Our Return to Play Policy requires that any player who has sustained a head injury or who is suspected of having sustained a head injury to: visit a licensed health care professional for evaluation and clearance AND sign a head injury awareness sheet before returning to practice or game play. Concussion awareness educational material can be found at http://www.cdc.gov/headsup/youthsports/index.html and a fact sheet for parents can be downloaded at http://www.cdc.gov/headsup/pdfs/custom/headsupconcussion_fact_sheet_for_parents.pdf

Please be advised that there are new bat rules in 2018. Please visit https://USABat.com for the approved bat list.

As the parent or legal guardian of the child named below, I hereby give my full consent and approval for my child to participate as team member in the sport designated above.

I understand that there are certain risks of injury inherent in the practice and play of this sport, as well as in traveling and other related activities incidental to my child's participation, and I am willing to assume these risks on behalf of my child. I hereby certify that my child is fully capable of participating in the designated sport and that my child is healthy and has no physical of mental disabilities of infirmities that would restrict full participation in these activities except as listed above.

In addition to giving my full consent for my child's participation, I do hereby waive, release and hold harmless Rochelle Park Baseball Assoc., its officers, coaches, sponsors, supervisors and representatives, for any injury that may be suffered to my child in the normal course of participation in the designated sport and the activities incidental thereto, whether the result of negligence or any other cause.
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