2019 Coaches and Moms Game - Player Registration

Please complete one form for each player.
Player Vitals
Skills and Preferred Positions
Fun Information
Waivers and Releases
I assume and understand all risks and hazards incidental to such participation, including transportation to and from activities. I hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree not to hold responsible the local league, organizers, sponsors, umpires, managers, coaches, participants, or other persons for any claim arising out of an injury to my child. By allowing my child to participate, I represent that he or she is medically and physically able to do so and that my child has no medical problems or conditions that could pose a danger or threat to him/her or any league participant.
Completing the Registration
1. Submit the Form. Press the submit button ONCE at the bottom of the form.

If you have completed the form correctly, you will be taken to a Completed Online Forms Summary page. You will see a listing of the player(s) you have just registered. Registrations have been submitted for the players listed on this page.

If you have left out any required information, your form will not show in the summary, and you will be asked to provide the missing information.
2. Review the Form

It is recommended that you review the registration form for mistakes. To do this, click print next to the form for the registered player. If there is an error, you can edit the registration by clicking edit next to the registration you wish to edit.

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