2020 Sponsorship Application

Please complete ONE ONLINE FORM FOR EACH TEAM or SIGN that you are sponsoring.

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(If you are awarded a requested team there is an additional cost of $100 per team)
Requested teams are on a first request basis. You will be contacted as to the outcome of your request. If you are awarded your requested team, you will be required to send us a check for an additional $100 (no credit card payment). Please do not send us a check until we contact you.

Once your check is received your team request is guaranteed.
SBAA is offering sponsors the opportunity to purchase premium signs to display at Rowland Park. If you are interested in purchasing a sign, or renewing your existing sign sponsorship from the prior year, in addition to sponsoring a team, make sure you choose the appropriate fee at the bottom of this page.

South Brunswick Animal HospitalPower Pitching and HittingBrent Dentistry
SBAA is offering sponsors the opportunity to purchase a scoreboard sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsoring a scoreboard at Rowland Park, please e-mail SBAAsponsorship@gmail.com. NEW for 2018, SBAA is seeking scoreboard sponsors for scoreboards installed at Rowland Park.

South Brunswick Athletic Association ScoreboardSouth Brunswick Athletic Association Scoreboard ModellsSouth Brunswick Athletic Association Scoreboard MAX
Press the submit button ONCE located at the bottom of the form.

If you have completed the form correctly, you will be taken to a "completed online form summary page." You will see a listing of the sponsorship(s) you have just registered. Registrations that have been submitted for the sponsorships are listed on this page.

If you have left out needed information, your form will not be shown in the summary and you will be asked to provide missing information.
Follow the instructions on the next page for paying online.

PLEASE NOTE: If paying by CHECK please press the "Mail In Check" button and make check payable to : SBAA

Please Send Check To:
SBAA Sponsorship
PO Box 0072
Kendall Park, New Jersey 08824


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