Umpire registration

Please check all districts you are willing to umpire for. The more you umpire for the higher your chances are of being selected to work a SOSLI Tournament.

MEDICAL/EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION (if under 18 this must be your parent/guardian)

The Southern Ohio Softball League, Inc. (SOSLI) its board members, district representatives, officials, agents, sponsors, volunteers, contractors, and affiliates are not responsible for ANY INJURY (INCLUDING DEATH) OR LOSS OF PROPERTY TO ANY PERSON SUFFERED WHILE WATCHING, PLAYING, PRACTICING, OR IN ANY OTHER WAY AT OR INVOLVED IN THE GAME OF SOFTBALL FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING ORDINARY NEGLIGENCE ON THE PART OF SOSLI OR ITS BOARD MEMBERS, DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVES, SPONSORS, VOLUNTEERS, THE OWNERS AND LESSORS OF THE PREMISES AN ALL OTHERS WHO ARE INVOLVED AND INCLUDING THE RECKLESS CONDUCT OF OTHER PARTICIPANTS. SOSLI expressly disclaims any and all liability for any injury or property loss related in any way to the game of softball. This warning, disclosure, and disclaimer is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted for applicable laws. If any portion is held invalid the remainder warning, disclosure, and disclaimer will continue in full legal force effect.

There is no set amount for umpire fees across the league. Please do not cancel an already accepted and scheduled umpire job to take an assignment at a higher paying district. If something comes up and you are unable to umpire, please contact that district's rep, umpire scheduler, or coach as soon as possible. Umpire evaluations will be completed by both coaches after every game. These evaluations will be used to determine who is asked by the umpire committee to umpire during tournaments. Also, understand that your job as an umpire is to enforce the Zero Tolerance Policy of the SOSLI and to enforce the rules of the game. The evaluation's submitted by the coaches will take into account your enforcement of the rules, how loud you call the game, and if you move around the field.


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