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AN INITIAL DEPOSIT OF $75 IS REQUIRED NOW THROUGH PAYPAL IN ORDER TO SECURE A SPOT ON THE ROSTER. IF YOU WISH TO APPLY FOR PAYPAL CREDIT YOU TOTAL MUST $100 OR MORE. THIS INITIAL DEPOSIT WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM THE TOTAL REGISTRATION AMOUNT. WE OFFER SIBLING DISCOUNTS. THE DISCOUNT APPLIES TO THE 2ND CHILD OR MORE. THE FIRST CHILD ENROLLED IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THE DISCOUNT. DISCOUNT WILL BE APPLIED TO YOUR REMAINING BALANCE AND A NEW INVOICE TOTAL WILL BE SENT TO YOU. ------------------------------------------------------------- IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR PROGRAM YOU MUST AGREE TO MANDATORY GUIDELINES UNDER MISCELLANEOUS BEFORE CHECKOUT. ------------------------------------------------------------ *The SCJAAFF /Fontana Trojans have adopted a zero tolerance rule in handling behavior issues. Any participant in SCJAAFF can be banned from participation in football or cheer if they or their parents/guardians or people they bring demonstrate any disruptive behavior or violate any rules in our Code of Conduct. *We do reserve the right to refuse service, for any reason, and, if the party is allowed to use the service, we also reserve the right to disable service at any time, for any reason we see fit. We do not, however, have a habit of disabling anyone that does not violate SCJAAF or Fontana Chapter policies and guidelines.
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