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Fontana - Jurupa Hills High School

• No Coolers/Ice Chest/Isolated Lunch Bag Coolers
• No Outside Food or Drinks Except For Team Use
• No Seeds with Shells (Sunflower, Pumpkin, etc.) or Gum
• No Animals of any kind, Bikes, Skateboards, Blades or Skates
• No Tobacco this includes “Smoking, Chew, Snuff, Etc.” or Smoking anywhere on school property this includes parking lot
• No Sharp Objects, Metal Cleats or Driving Stakes
• No Alcohol or Illegal Drugs or Weapons are allowed in your possession or vehicle while on school property. *If you appear intoxicated or under the influence you will be instructed to leave and not return.
• Use of Profanity Prohibited

*EASY-UPS ARE PERMITTED IN THE BLEACHERS NOT ON FIELD. Note: There will be food and drinks available at the snack bar during all games.

• Only coaches and staff members with current year field passes will be allowed onto the field with players. (NO EXCEPTIONS).
• Ice Chest is only permitted for players snack and drinks for halftime. It must be accompanied with a field pass and will be inspected before entering the field.
• Team and personnel must use designated path of travel that is protected by a tarp next to the track or turf.

The administrator of this League has not provided an address for this venue.

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