Online Registration

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CLICK (HERE) to Access FALL Season 2019 Registration Form (MITES & SQUIRT players ONLY!!) PW & BANTAMS are FULL
PLEASE read all of the following before filling out the form:

1) Approx. Season Dates: Sept. - Early Nov. (rain-outs could extend the season).

2) ALL practices and games for ALL divisions will be at the MLK rink!

3) Friday night & Saturday mid-morning to early afternoon game times. Details posted after assessments.

4) Please turn off CAPS LOCK when filling out the form. Phone No. format 760-555-5555.

The AAU insurance fee of $14 will be added for all players. It will be purchased by the league the first week of Sept. Existing AAU memberships expire Aug. 31st.

We offer several other discounts - please use the one that benefits you the most (military, coach, 3 or more siblings-1st two are regular price, goalie, board member, and new player). Only one discount will apply.

TCIHL will honor the following requests.
1) Siblings on same team if same div. (automatic)
2) Siblings on same practice night if they are in different divisions
3) Practice night requests with a valid reason (scouts, church, band, District Hockey, or special circumstance)
4) Carpooling – we will try to accommodate same practice time for those living in other cities upon request

TCIHL will NOT honor the following requests and they will be removed. Sorry.
1) Friend requests (except for 1st time player to TCIHL)
2) Request for a certain coach

Please DO NOT abuse this policy as it makes it very difficult for the staff to set competitive teams and is unfair to the other participants. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this manner.

PLEASE make payment at the time you sign up. If your payment does not go through we will invoice you.

Thank you.