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Author TOPIC: Free Agent List...
Free Agent

January 25, 2015
1:02:03 PM

Entry #: 4157375
All interested players who are interested in joining a team for 2015, please post your following information here....
-email address
-Preferred location of requested team
-Baseball Playing Experience
-Brief description of yourself


March 7, 2018
12:13:28 PM

Entry #: 4243955
Paul Nelson

-OF, 1B
-Any location, preferably closer to Winooski
-3 years of DIII baseball at Allegheny College.
-Team player, solid baseball IQ, gamer

Casey Durfee

March 25, 2018
1:21:18 AM

Entry #: 4245374
Grew up playing all my life
Made all stars 6 years straight
Focused on being a team player
Pitcher with great mechanics
Looking to find a great team to enjoy summer

Jacob Clark-Trapana

March 28, 2018
12:19:04 PM

Entry #: 4245640
- Jacob Clark-Trapana
- Rutland VT
- 1b, C
- Location doesn't matter
- Played in ENYTB/Pony league up to highschool, then legion and varsity till college
- 6'4" 180 lbs, was a DH most of my senior year

Chad Kibbe

April 8, 2018
7:16:55 PM

Entry #: 4246197
I play Baseball and would like to play I live in Johnson andbwork in Burlington. I can pretty much play them all except catch. I was a all-star allthrough highschool, played Legion, many leagues. Would love to get back at it. 802 585 4875

Jacob Dubois

July 14, 2018
1:13:18 PM

Entry #: 4253774
-Jacob Dubois
-Catcher & any
-Near Burlington
-Varsity in Highschool
-Graduated UVM. Young professional. Looking for competitive sports.

Mike Privee

July 14, 2018
9:43:38 PM

Entry #: 4253788
Name: Mike Privee
-Hometown: Hyde Park
-email address:
-Position: Pitcher, SS, 3B, 2B
-Preferred location of requested team: Lamoille county preferred
-Baseball Playing Experience: Babe Ruth, JV&Varsity in high school
-Brief description of yourself: 41 y/o, soon to be 42. I have Sundays off as well as time throughout the week. Baseball was my first true love and I would jump at a chance to play again.

neil maher

October 26, 2018
11:54:51 PM

Entry #: 4258306
Hey guys I'm Neil. I'm a shortstop but can play second and third as well. I throw right and switch hit but primarily bat left. I'm new to Burlington and looking to play locally.
P: (978) 408-4583

jaret chagnon

February 7, 2019
2:34:53 AM

Entry #: 4260214
-Jaret Chagnon
-email address:
-Position: Catcher/Pitcher
-Preferred location of requested team: Chittenden county
-Baseball Playing Experience: 2 years of JV 2 Years of varsity. Babe ruth
-Brief description of yourself
Just love playing baseball

Justin Balseca

February 14, 2019
11:48:27 AM

Entry #: 4260355
Justin Balseca
Position: catcher/first base
St. Johnsbury VT
age: 20
Just looking to get back into the sport I love most and stay in shape to be able to play college ball next year. Currently a sophomore in college. Gona do whatever I need to keep playing the sport I love.

Gus lockett

February 23, 2019
5:38:35 PM

Entry #: 4260487
-looking for a team close to the waterbury area
-played through most of high school, played some men’s league softball but looking to get back into baseball
-2b, SS, outfield
-5’9” 190lbs

Bryan Utter

February 26, 2019
10:11:58 PM

Entry #: 4260549
Bryan Utter
Outfield, ss,2nd
Played a little in high school and multiple years with friends and leagues.
Been playing baseball all my life and am honestly trying to play as long as possible.

Brendan Kelliher

February 28, 2019
10:28:47 AM

Entry #: 4260562
-Brendan Kelliher
-Originally from Bedford, NH
-3B/2B/corner of
-I played legion and high school ball. Plus AAU from 12-15. I eliminated baseball from my college search early so I haven’t played in a game in a while but I have been getting individual reps.
-Fresh out of college, got my first job lined up in South Burlington, and I move in June 1. The idea of playing ball up there makes me even more excited.


March 21, 2019
11:47:32 PM

Entry #: 4260885
- Jonathan Tollefson
- Barre, VT
- 2B/SS/3B, pitched as well
- Barre/Montpelier, will travel to Burlington
- Played varsity in HS
- I haven't played in eight years but I'm excited to get back into baseball.

Christopher Jablonski

March 27, 2019
1:01:36 AM

Entry #: 4260982

-Christopher Jablonski
-St Albans
-Outfield or Pitcher (It has been a long time)
-Franklin County
-Played the majority of my life and through High School
-28 Years old looking to play ball and stay in shape. I miss playing the game and think I would be of value to any team.

Christopher Jablonski

March 28, 2019
2:42:23 AM

Entry #: 4261013
Chris Jablonski
-St Albans
-Outfield and Pitching (Its been a while)
-Northwest VT (live in Franklin County work in Chittenden)
-Played most of my life and through High School
27 Y/O 5'11" 220lbs looking to get back into the game really excited to find a league finally. Look forward to hearing from someone. Any contact would be great! Just looking to play.

Matt Duff

May 31, 2019
2:41:30 PM

Entry #: 4262470
-Name - Matt Duff
-Hometown - Burlington, VT
-email address:
-Position: OF / P / 3B
-Preferred location of requested team - Burlington Area
-Baseball Playing Experience - Former HS player. 4 years.
-Brief description of yourself - Young professional working full time in Burlington. I'm intense in the best of ways, I think.

Marshall McKenzie

June 10, 2019
7:51:34 PM

Entry #: 4262739
- Marshall McKenzie
- Burlington
- 3B, 1B, OF, DH
- Burlington area, Waterbury area
- Played ball all four years of high school in MA, Legion Ball in the summers. Played above grade/age group for most of life pre-High School
- 30 years old, athletic with an average arm, good base running sense, good hitter w/ sound swing mechanics (line drives, deep drives to left, left center, ability to hit opp. field) and good with situational hitting.

5'11", 180 lbs. Exercise regularly (running, lifting, etc). Looking to get back in touch with my favorite sport after a long hiatus, willing to fill in wherever needed.

Billy Himan

August 3, 2019
2:52:02 PM

Entry #: 4264843
Just moved here

Throw right
Bat right

Corner Infield / P

Jeffersonville / Burlington

Some college experience.

Brayden Shannon

August 6, 2019
11:24:49 AM

Entry #: 4265008
Brayden Shannon, 20
Pittsford, VT
Rutland HS 2013-2017, Post 31 Baseball 2015-2017. Have not played organized baseball in 2 years but still throw every week, just looking to pitch and play again.

Dave Seldow

August 26, 2019
8:04:58 PM

Entry #: 4266667
Dave 22, Grad Student
Burlington Area
Center fielder, great runner, held the league record for bases stolen. Great team player, consistent hitter. Played every year from t-ball through high school. All-star and captain, sometimes both. Looking to get back into the swing of things, pun intended
Contact info: 908-329-4967

Kelsey Letourneau

November 11, 2019
7:19:45 AM

Entry #: 4275147
pitcher, outfield played baseball my whole life d2 varsity every year. all star, all team all state for Vermont. 33 retired army veteran live in barre

Liam Reiner

December 7, 2019
2:47:44 PM

Entry #: 4278605
- Liam Reiner
- Williston
- Burlington, South Burlington, or Essex
- NCAA Division III at St. Lawrence University
- Currently rehabbing from Tommy John Surgery (June 2019), and looking for a team to rehab with over the summer to get some innings on the mound. Fastball range, before surgery, was 85-87 and I throw a slider and a changeup with arm side run.

Zachary Trepanier

January 10, 2020
2:11:11 PM

Entry #: 4283055
Zachary Trepanier
From W. Rutland, living in Castleton currently
Sidearm pitcher primarily, can also catch
The further south the better for location but I'm pretty open to anything
Played up through high school and have been coaching middle and high school levels since.
Sidearmer with primarily a fastball slider combo.

Shayne Mott

January 29, 2020
6:17:55 PM

Entry #: 4283414
Shayne Mott:
Still looking for a team to join. Not sure how often someone checks here but email is and my cell number is: 518-534-9405

Henry Stowell

February 5, 2020
4:50:07 PM

Entry #: 4283512
-Henry Stowell
- Colchester VT
- Colchester / Burlington
Varsity in HS (2x yrs) UVM Baseball 2019/2020 (Freshman)
- I have played baseball all my life. Made varsity junior year of HS. On the mound I sit at around 83-85 touching 87. I also love to hit and play OF. 18 years old.
-Cell phone: 9784400393

Shayne Mott

March 4, 2020
1:16:06 PM

Entry #: 4287901
Shayne Mott
Swanton/ St. Albans
Can travel to Burlington
Outfield/ Infield- Would love you pitch
Played throughout high school. Looking to get active in something I love baseball

Jeremy Herrera

March 27, 2020
7:28:21 PM

Entry #: 4289121
Jeremy Herrera
Living in Burlington moving soon to essex.
Can play pretty much anywhere except catch. Preferred middle infield and pitching.
Played up into highschool.
Moved to Vermont in 2019 looking forward to having a league to play in.

Jeremy Herrera

March 27, 2020
7:33:11 PM

Entry #: 4289122
Contact info for previous post

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