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Author TOPIC: JACKETS - Taking orders - sunday 9-27-2015
Paula E

September 25, 2015
12:58:20 PM

Entry #: 4182891
Anyone wishing to be fitted for a jacket may do so by coming THIS SUNDAY ONLY - 9-27-2015 @ 3p to HOLFORD REC CENTER.

The cost is $142.00 and MUST BE PAID AT THE TIME OF ORDER.
Money Orders / Cashier Checks ONLY.
NO credit cards can be accepted.

Cindy A

January 4, 2016
7:20:10 PM

Entry #: 4189485
Hello. I bought my daughter a jacket at the beginning of last season but it was too big. Her coach wasn't able to give me a contact number to have her jacket sized. Can you tell me who I need to call to have her jacket fixed?


Cindy V

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