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Author TOPIC: Miken Mega Maniac 484

July 22, 2005
11:33:52 PM

Entry #: 957648
MIKEN MANIAC 484 SOFTBALL BAT. This 2nd BADDEST OF THE MIKEN ASA BROOD is available NOW, and comes with a VALID DEALER RECEIPT for FULL WARRANTY TOO!! This bat IS made in the USA, "official softball", Bpf 1.20 (don't ask how they got THAT one by), rated for ASA, USSSA AND ISF 2005 play, but TOO HOTT FOR WIMPY NSA play. AS ALWAYS, I SUGGEST THAT YOUR LEAGUE ALLOWS THE USE OF HOT COMPOSITE BATS LIKE THIS ONE BEFORE YOU BUY IT! This bat is "COOL, COLD BLACK" in color for good reason! Latch onto this bat and you've got yerself something SPECIAL!! Miken says it is equal to the freak, a pretty darn good bat by itself, and the new "TITAN ELEMNTAL LAYERING" (thought up by the brain trust at Miken) is what gets this bat at least CLOSE to the Freak in power and performance. The graphics are definitely on-target, and I recently took one out of the wrapper for a Friday night over-50's league double-header. I did NOT go yard (heck I almost never do but one shot to the warning track was a GREAT place for me to start thinking aboaut the fence again!), and two other guys on my team did THAT NIGHT, and this was right out of the wrapper!! In the two follow up games, two more guys went yard for different teams.

This bat has the FEEL of a freak, the SOUND of one, and I suspect that ONCE WELL BROKEN-IN, it might not quite match the Freak, but will be pretty darn close AND produce way better than the Freak98. On looks, it gets maybe an 10/10, being so cool and fresh in the wrapper. On pop, I guess a 9.3/10 is a good enough place to start, But my bat has not yet been hit enough to FULLY deliver the goods (I am well pleased so far, and if it gets even only a LITTLE better, that STILL works for me!!) Miken, (the undisputed KING of COMPOSITES) has introduced yet ANOTHER wrinkle in their technology, which they proudly display on the bat shell- TITAN ELEMENTAL LAYERING, which adds MORE pop and rebound, if such a thing is EVEN POSSIBLE!! You will be seeing ALOT of this bat if you play asa/usssa/isf OR are a dedicated homerun Derby hitter. I am sponsoring a POLICE TEAM in MD, and they have SPECIFICALLY called for this as one of their ASA bats of choice. NO WONDER!! THESE BOYS ARE BIG, MEAN AND AS SERIOUS AS A HEART ATTACK, TOO!!! They want a stick that is as badass as THEY ARE!! If cool graphics from the best known name in bats isn't good enough, then the performance of this badass ought to do the trick for ya!


July 23, 2005
12:10:06 AM

Entry #: 957658

2006 Miken Maniac 484 Slowpitch Softball Bats 34 Length 28 ounce. 13.5 inch Barrel. Slightly End Loaded swing weight. The Miken Maniac 484 has successfully combined E-Flex Technology and Titan Elemental Technology and has once again unleashed the most dominant composite bat allowed in ASA. Brand new in the factory shrink wrap paper.

We have been hitting this bat for some time now and i'm here to tell you that this is the best ASA approved 98 MPH bat in the game period. The Miken Maniac 484 is every bit as good as the 2004 Miken Freak after 60 - 80 Hits and is less expensive as well. The Maniac 484 only gets hotter & hotter with every hit that you put on it. This bat is a must have for every serious ASA player. 9.75 for Performance and a 10 for Sweet Spot. Reviewed by Mike Kelly.

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