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esposito mom
June 7, 2009
3:05:19 PM

Entry ID: 1638933
Carlo Esposito Great comeback last night Good Luck in the play-offs
June 7, 2009
3:39:56 AM

Entry ID: 1638759
Congratz Robert Candelaria keep it going
mama rosa parent
June 6, 2009
3:00:07 PM

Entry ID: 1638566
Great job Mama Rosa on your win today's playoff game. Good luck tomorrow against MJ Desmond !!! Keep it up guys !!
Mama Rosa parent
June 5, 2009
4:14:08 PM

Entry ID: 1638231
Good luck in the playoff's tommorrow Mama Rosa against Perpetual !!!
Proud parent
June 5, 2009
1:12:29 PM

Entry ID: 1638125
Good luck to all the teams in the playoffs. Lets play some freakin Bayonne Cal Ripken playoff baseball baby!!!
June 5, 2009
12:54:00 PM

Entry ID: 1638114
I agree last night's game was excellent. Cant wait for the playoffs!!
June 5, 2009
9:05:23 AM

Entry ID: 1637981
Great game in the prep league last night between Carlo Esposito and dr. Silber's.
June 5, 2009
8:56:22 AM

Entry ID: 1637976
As we get close to the end of another great season I am a little sad because my son is moving on. I would like to say a few words to all the members of the organization. It has been a splendid 5 years for not only my son but for my entire family. My son was never one of the best players and did not make any all star teams ( although I think he came close a few years ago)but none the less he cherished playing in this league. Regardless of his abilities and or his talent, he was still made to feel like he was a star. That comes from the leaders Bob, Mike and the rest of the board who try so hard to do the right thing. The key word here is try. Knowing myself from my experience & involvement in boyscouts and youth soccer, you only hear the bad sometimes from parents. It is very rare that anyone publically says thank you for all that you do, instead it's what you did not do. From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you for EVERYTHING you guys have done and will do for future kids and families. My son and I both look forward to the upcoming playoffs so he can get introduced like " a star " one last time by Bobby D. I'm sure my eyes will fill with tears, happy tears that is, for what you have done for my kid, not what you " should have done " for my kid. Bless your hearts.
B.H.S Coach
June 4, 2009
4:32:56 PM

Entry ID: 1637634
Congrats to the amazing McCabes player Robert Candellaria for winning the Cy Young in the BSH Freshman Team.This kid went 4-0 with 20 innings pitched 41 k`s and allowing only 18 hits.He has a big future in BHS.Also congrats to Jared Esmenger a player of PBA for winning the MVP. Our Babe Ruth players are shining in High School Baseball.Keep it going Boys
June 4, 2009
11:17:56 AM

Entry ID: 1637344
I don't know what is so difficult. If you don't like the way the league runs things,leave. If you do like it, like myself and so many others, enjoy and be happy. Cal Ripken baseball basaeball is a great league. Thanks to all the hard working volunteers my family is appreciative.
Ripken fan
Bayonne NJ
June 3, 2009
4:34:57 PM

Entry ID: 1636949
Keep up the good work Cal Ripken league. I wish i was a kid again and able to play on that field. I graduated right before the new field was installed. I stopped down yesterday to watch a game and low and behold one of the players, Jack Flynn who i played against when I was a kid was umpiring behind home plate. This league has always been about family. Playing as a kid and then umpiring or coaching in the league is what separates you from all the rest. Can't wait until I have a kid and I promise to get back involved.
Mama Rosa Parent
June 3, 2009
3:56:23 PM

Entry ID: 1636925
Great Job last Night Mama Rosa. You kids played a great game against A&M. All of you should be very proud of yourselves. It's not all about winning it's about being part of an awesome team with great coaches. Keep your heads held high and look ahead to the playoffs!!!
John Melillo
June 3, 2009
2:58:29 PM

Entry ID: 1636886
i second that nice comment. i enjoy so much going to that field. yes they are not perfect but who is? to see all the kids playing in the outfield and hanging in the pressbox confirms for me the kids love whats going on. keep doin what ya doin
A&M parent
June 3, 2009
2:52:36 PM

Entry ID: 1636882
A BIG Shout out CONGRATS TO Amadeo & Miller for their decisive victory over Mama Rosa, completing a perfect 12-0 spectacular season. This team plays the game the way right way: aggressive, hard, passionate, & sportsmanlike. Led by senior studs DiPillo, Jablonski, Lyga & Pilovsky, and 11 yr old phenom D'Avella, with 11yr old all-star like players Daly, Soscia, Valverde,Vinci & Wissen, and 10's Kapil & Santiago -- This team can compete for a repeat performance in 2010. Best of Luck A&M in making your 2nd consecutive trip to Championship circle in as many years. Then you can focus on 3-peat performance for 2010. Way to go Ripken boys of summer.
Appreciative parent
June 3, 2009
11:30:11 AM

Entry ID: 1636759
Hi to all the members of the BCR organization. I have read with much dismay over the last few weeks the bashing and bad words being tossed around. Let me give you another side. I currently have a son who plays in the rookie league ( my third who has played in this marvelous league ) and I commend everyone involved. You have taught my boys the game of baseball but more importantly you have taught them good sportsmanship and friendship. The incredible amount of time all of you put in is a miracle in itself including all the great woman who work day in and day out in the snack shack. Society has shown us that people love to hear negative news and thrive on it but usually the people who do so have nothing better in their lives to look forward to. Keep you chins up BCR you have not only done alot for our kids but for the city of Bayonne as you turned around an entire section of town from what was once an eye sore to something we are all proud of. We love you and keep doing what you do best.
Mama Rosa Parent
June 2, 2009
12:04:28 PM

Entry ID: 1636052
Good Luck Tonight Mama Rosa !!! Let's finish the season with a win !!!
May 29, 2009
11:15:27 AM

Entry ID: 1633554
4 free kittens available to a good home - would prefer to give them away as pairs. If interested please call (201) 455-5902
A&M mom
May 23, 2009
7:34:49 AM

Entry ID: 1630369
CONGRATS to A&M for 12-1 victory over Mama Rosa's in route to 9-0 record for 2009. Nice Homeruns by Frankie DiPillo, Brett Jablonski, & Andrew D'Avella. Excellent pitching by Brandon Pilovsky.
Pete Siebel
Bayonne, NJ
May 20, 2009
5:17:03 PM

Entry ID: 1628751
Dear Mr. Daly...If there is a conflict and you cannot attend the SIY game, unfortunately there will be no reimbursements on the tickets purchased. Thank you.
May 19, 2009
7:13:21 PM

Entry ID: 1628099
Pete Siebel
Bayonne, NJ
May 19, 2009
4:14:11 PM

Entry ID: 1627983
The ticket deadline for the Staten Island Yankee game has been extended to May 29. For more ticket info email me at Come out and join the fun!
May 18, 2009
7:34:54 AM

Entry ID: 1626677
i just want to say great job to all the dr g mets! we won our first game to to the undefeated valley national! way to go guys!!!
Game spectator
May 17, 2009
11:40:47 AM

Entry ID: 1626190
Great game Condo v.s. Unico!!! way to "upset" the "best" in the league! u guys look very good this year. Mc Cabe's will be a test Monday. In my opinion.. the two top teams in the league. Good luck!
Pete Siebel
Bayonne, NJ
May 6, 2009
5:01:26 PM

Entry ID: 1619580
Come join us on Tuesday, June 30th and see the Staten Island Yankees take on Cal Ripken's Aberdeen Iron Birds. Game time is 7:00pm at the Richmond County Bank Ballpark at St. George in Staten Island, NY. Only a 15 minute drive from Bayonne. $25.00 per person includes: ticket, all you can eat and drink: hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, soda & water, Staten Island baseball cap, and game program. Parking is not included. All players in uniform will be allowed to go onto field for National Anthem. Bayonne Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken baseball league will be welcomed on the their scoreboard and of course a portion of each ticket sold benefits our league. Any questions, please email me at Thanks very much for your continued support of our league!
May 3, 2009
3:06:12 AM

Entry ID: 1616681
Ladies and Gentlemen,Last night i was down Vets and i enjoy a great game between McCabes and Big apple.Like all the previous years McCabes have a bunch of talent kids that play the game amazing.Looks like joe D is doing his job.Robert Candelaria was in the mount.Oh boy that kid is amazing to wacht pitching.He throws GAS.He has a wonderfuel fastball and tricks the batters with his curveball.He pitch really good.Then came Nick W as a reliever and close the doors.McCabes continues undefeated 4-0

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