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Gary Wolczak
Woodside, queens, NY
October 4, 2015
4:09:03 PM

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Hey Kevin! How you doin? This is the crazy 6'7" red head that used to play in this league! I just check things out from time to time and maybe I'll have to come back some time to play a little crazy ball! Remember the rain games with Mike P and the cast of crazies! I can still play ya crazy bastard! I'm a crazy architect in NY now so let me know how you and hannon are doing! I hope all is well and hope your family is well! I miss you crazy guys! And where's sox the crazy kid that wore the high socks! Loll drop me a line and maybe I'll show up! I look and play the same! And don't ever forget Texas Holdem you know that was cool! I'm in on weekends so if you see me on the sidelines- don't be a stranger! I'll see you soon!
Jaya's world
May 16, 2015
3:57:07 PM

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You guys suck!
dallastown pa
January 18, 2010
3:56:44 PM

Entry ID: 1751388
hey whats up? ive loved this game all my life! wish i had known there were leagues. ive never seen a better pitcher than myself! dont know that there is one! im 40 now but still bring it. i use about 7 pitches. all with heat n accuracy. wish i could play
September 26, 2009
11:33:58 AM

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Question, where did you get that sweet trophy?
Edward Ross
born Hazleton, retired in Euope
July 10, 2008
6:27:30 AM

Entry ID: 1417174
Your site is up to date Things seem alive. That not the case of the kids in upper upscale Greenwich Conn. I'd be so proud to see great-great grandsons of coal crackers come the to the help of the kids who are part of the really wealthy few. N.Y. TImes July 10 "Some town-owned land in Greenwich, Conn., has been turned into a Wiffle ball field by teenagers. Neighbors are complaining. Jeff Currivan, 17, shown at bat, said, “They think we’re a cult.” Ed, Paris PS your hotmail address invalid here
July 20, 2006
6:05:13 PM

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Bring your A-game anywhere you go... available at
June 27, 2006
9:04:19 PM

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yo im from levittown, pa and i seen your quote on the build your own field thing and was wondering if u ever started on that. well my site is if u want to check it out the field will be better once we knock the pool down so imagine it is down cuz it will be knocked down in about a week.
Jay Wilks
June 7, 2006
8:51:54 PM

Entry ID: 859319
Yo what up, im in the Shady Ridge Ballers league right outside of philly, and we are true ballers. We love wiffleball, so u guys should hit up the website and tell us when some of ur tournements are goin down, cause we wont back down from anything.
Lords of Wiffleball
Lang Land Pa
March 2, 2006
1:26:03 PM

Entry ID: 783596
yo nice site. where you guys from? we got a league goin outside philly, if your around there hit us up and we'll get some games together

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