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Bob Boroff
Jeffersontown, ky
June 1, 2018
6:56:20 AM

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In 2006 we started this league with 4 teams from 3 schools. It’s good to see that it has survived so many years and remained strong. Thanks to those who have continued to volunteer their time to the student atheletes in our community.
April 19, 2016
5:45:55 PM

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Website is a great way to keep up with all the teams in the middle school leagues
T. Thorne
March 25, 2010
11:09:36 AM

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This is our first year to have a middle school team, and I am so glad we got into this league, the website is so helpful. Our first game was rained out, we came to the website and at 8:30 AM, it had the rainout info. on it. That is huge, when you are having to travel 45 minutes to an hour, to get to the field.
Jeff Harper
February 12, 2010
8:46:08 AM

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Great looking site. I am trying to find the rules for Middle School (6 grade) ball. Pitching-distance and base length would be helpful. Thanks
Lynn Huff
Louisville, KY
April 15, 2009
8:03:39 AM

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Glad to find out about this website. We will use it now weekly. Great job.
Mellany Hale
St. Matthews
April 14, 2009
9:24:45 AM

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This site is a tremendous help and a great resource! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to build it! It's first on my favorites list now!
Dianne Ware
Louisville, KY
April 13, 2009
12:55:47 PM

Entry ID: 1604568
Great job on the site.
Steven Leff
March 25, 2009
10:48:40 AM

Entry ID: 1591481
GREAT WORK.... LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeffersontown, Ky
March 24, 2009
10:58:11 AM

Entry ID: 1590541
I want to thank Mark Milburn, Jeff Stout, Frank Gaddie, Corey McGinnis and Jose Cubero for all their help with building this site. I also wanted to be the first to sign our guestbook! Good luck with the 2009 season!

GuestBook Pages: 1 

Total Entries: 9