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<font size=+2><b>2011 8th Gr AL Division and JCMS Baseball League Champions!<BR>Jefferson County TMS Centurions!</font></b>.

<font size=+1>Congratulations Coach Messex!

Front Row L to R:  <b>Jarrett Harness, Nathan Evrard, Brandon Messex, Anthony Swan,<BR> KeShaun DeWalt, Ryan Tarrie, Michael Jolly, Matthew Janocik, Michael Riley</b><BR>

Back Row L to R:  <b>Coach Tony Jolly, Drew Carlton, Harrison Stiles, Brentton Ervin, Anthony Cummings, Coach Mike Stiles, Shane Williams, Walter Baker III, Garrett Matthews, TJ Satterly, Joe Balz, Head Coach Mike Messex
<font size=+2><b>2011 Jefferson County Middle School Baseball League Champion Jefferson County Traditional Centurions at Patterson on Wednesday May 25th!</font></b>.<BR>

<BR><font size=+1>Congratulations on your perfect undefeated season, 16-0!
Centurions at Patterson on May 25th, 2011.
<font size=+2><b>2011 8th Gr AL Division Champion<BR> JCTMS Centurions at PRP High School!</font></b>.<BR>

<BR><font size=+1>Congratulations Coach Messex!
<font size=+2><b>2011 8th Gr NL Division Champion Johnson TMS Jaguars!</font></b>.

<BR><font size=+1>Congratulations Coach Hedgecock, back to back to back Championships! </font><BR>

<BR>Front Row  L to R:<b> Cole Rose,  Jimmy Elliott, Jake Koerner,  Blake Bosemer, Ryne Smith, Alex Phillips.</b>

<BR>Back Row  L to R:<b> Aaron Hedgecock, Travis Weber, Austin Moran, Drue Wardrip, Drew Cheatham, Cody Whitenack. 
<BR>Not pictured..  Trever Crider
<font size=+2><b>2011 7th Grade Champion Johnson TMS Jaguars!</b></font>

<BR><font size=+1>Congratulations Coach Sanford! Back to back Baby!</font><BR>

<BR>Front row (L-R)<b>
Tanner Palmer, Jackson Burns, Max Cole, Nolan Cook, Clayton Henn, Dallas Miles, Ben Nichols.</b>

<BR>Middle row (L-R)<b>
Jordan Ater, Chris Ramsey, Kameron Davis, Zach Jones, Tyler Garcia, 
<BR>Dakota Collie, Bradlee Sanford, Bryce Higdon.</b>

<BR>Back row (L-R)<b> 
Coach Sean Cook, Coach John Henn, Hunter Crowe, Coach David Sanford, Coach Billie Stone.
<BR>Not pictured
Bradley Wilkerson
<font size=+2><b>2011 JCMS 6th Grade Champion North Oldham Mustangs!</font><BR>
<font size=+1>Congratulations Coach Masterman! The perfect season!</font></b><BR>

<BR>Front Row (L to R):<b> Ethan Youngblood, Dominick Esposito, Zach Whiteman, Chase Patton, <BR>Miles Moskwa, Grayson Warfield, Jack Dugan</b>

<BR>Second Row (L to R):<b> Alex Betson, Bryce Barber, Bryce Webb, Will Kueshner,<BR> Cameron Masterman, Max Sander, Ike Whalen</b>

<BR>Third Row (L to R): <b>Coach Brent Youngblood, Head Coach Jim Masterman, Coach Chuck Patton
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