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June 4, 2020
1:47:08 AM

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June 19, 2019
7:45:50 PM

Entry ID: 2093375
Congratulations to the minor league Reds for winning the championship! I'm really surprised that nothing was posted on this site about the well-deserved win. Way to go boys
Old Bridge
March 20, 2008
4:40:45 PM

Entry ID: 1351837
Can you please post the rosters for the teams on the website. At least for the majors. and the the juniors.
July 26, 2007
7:42:35 PM

Entry ID: 1170702
Al, you did a great job this year! Way to go.
July 22, 2007
10:01:08 PM

Entry ID: 1167494
Hats Off to OldBridge on a great game this past Saturday afternoon. Your parents, coaches and players showed a great deal of sportsmanship after a tough loss. Hopefully we will meet again in the finals. Kenilworth
July 20, 2007
7:53:04 AM

Entry ID: 1166128
Congratulations to our 9/10 District All Star Team. They are now undefeated in Pool play and start their final round this Saturday morning at OBLL 10am. Come down and support your League!
July 17, 2007
2:15:46 PM

Entry ID: 1164241
Congratulations to our Districts 12 year olds team. They did an awesome job, Saturday nights game was the game of the season! 2nd place - not too shabby!!!!
Old Bridge
July 14, 2007
11:32:44 PM

Entry ID: 1162491
Congratulations to the Old Bridge Little League Juniors who won the District 10 Championship tonight at Old Bridge Little League. Great pitching, hitting, defense and a total team effort combined with a lot of hard work and dedicated coaches brought this championship to our boys! Old Bridge is proud tonight!
dans mom
o b
May 30, 2007
7:49:38 AM

Entry ID: 1132469
AL, just wanted to say hell of a job running that mayors trophy weekend you seem like you really care about these kids its great to see that back at obll. keep up the good work
Daniel's Mom (Kathy)
May 14, 2007
1:59:05 PM

Entry ID: 1121632
Mr Roventini I would like to commend on how the complex is looking and being run. You have brought back the enjoyment for the children. Great job!!
March 26, 2007
9:07:13 PM

Entry ID: 1082677
Added a "Keeping Score" clickable on the Headline Section of the Welcome page. This will bring anyone interested to a website that explains on how to keep score in a program.
Old Bridge, NJ
March 25, 2007
6:33:02 PM

Entry ID: 1081555
Coach, To help the new parents coming into the program who may want to help out, could you please post instructions for keeping the book during a game. The Old Bridge Basketball Association did this and it helped alot. Thank you.
Cave Junction
December 23, 2006
11:39:36 PM

Entry ID: 1021261
I have been looking for ideas for our little league home page and I thought you would like to know I LOVE Your site.
Eugene L. Picco
Old Bridge
October 5, 2006
3:37:26 PM

Entry ID: 950310
Old Bridge Little League You are a part of my life and my family that will be with use forever. My son Christopher Thomas Picco was a player who feel ill to leukemia at the age of 12. He was a great player and a major part of the club. OBLL made him the youngest coach when he feel ill and couldn't play. His memory will live with Old Bridge Little League forever. The Christopher Thomas Picco Heart of a Champion award and plaque will be presented every year to a player who fits the criteria that very few players can fill. God Bless you all Eugene L Picco
Jana Barnett
Old Bridge
August 1, 2006
3:58:13 PM

Entry ID: 899128
First of all, a huge thank you to Rob Wright our T-Ball coach for Nations Wholesale Lending. He did a great job with all of the children and had the patience of a saint!! My only problem is that I wish the current photography studio (Bishop?) be replaced by Frozen Image. Ken Argent did a wonderful job capturing the moment for many of us and I, for one, was much happier with his work than the pictures taken for merchandise - The pictures were not good and the effort used was minimal... Can we PLEASE get Frozen Image for next year?? Thanks!
July 23, 2006
9:18:01 PM

Entry ID: 891920
Coach Tom, Scott and Bob thank you for all your time and effort you put in for the kids. It was alot of fun. It would have been nice to win a few more games and move on but we know they did there best. Enjoy the rest of your summer and see you all next year. I would like the officers and everyone else that did all the hard work to get the fields in great shape.
July 17, 2006
9:14:21 AM

Entry ID: 887135
Congratulations to the 11 year olds!!! We are going to the 2nd round. Keep up the great work!!!
July 5, 2006
12:40:17 PM

Entry ID: 879156
It would also be nice if people came down and helped out during the District Games
July 4, 2006
1:28:17 PM

Entry ID: 878570
Thank you Jeff but it would also be nice to see it on our own site. Good Luck to all our teams this year lets bring home somemore flags.
July 3, 2006
10:51:58 AM

Entry ID: 877662
you can follow all the all stars by going to... then go to handouts for the schedules, directions and up to date standings. This is a district tournament and this is the district web page.
Old Bridge
July 2, 2006
6:33:21 PM

Entry ID: 877346
Why do we not have any of the all star teams schedules on the web page. I know, I and many other people would love to go to the games and root them on. If you can do this that would be great. Thanks
June 25, 2006
12:20:29 PM

Entry ID: 871539
Thank you Jeff for the info.
Mildred Steward
Old Bridge
June 14, 2006
4:08:19 PM

Entry ID: 864002
Hello everyone, First of all, I'd like to take the time to thank everyone who's involved in making these seasons a success. To most kids (like mine), it's like a dream come true. My son's name is Jeizel - we call him J....... just much easier :-) We're interested in knowing a couple of things: 1) The playoffs schedule doesn't seem to be correct. Jeizel is in NY Sports Club team for the Minors and the playoff game was scheduled for 6/13; however, we were contacted and informed that the date is incorrect. It's still on the web site as if it were this past Monday. Could someone please verify the playoff schedules? 2) Can the parents know when the drafts will be drawn? My son would like to go, but we never know when that takes place. Well, keep up the good work!! See you guys at the playoffs. Regards, Mildred
Lucille Panos
Old Bridge
June 3, 2006
8:13:44 PM

Entry ID: 856376
Happy to hear that OBLL president Jeff Georgeana is doing well after his recent hospital experience. Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery.
Old Bridge
April 20, 2006
12:02:31 PM

Entry ID: 822453
Web site looks great. Good job! Best of Luck to all this season!

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