This form must be filled out/signed by the legal guardian and participant. Proof of guardianship is birth certificate or court ordered guardianship papers.
    Common mistakes in filling out this form are;
    Front Side-- Emergency Contact same as parent information. Need to provide different contact if parent can not be reached.
    Back Side-- Top of Form; Participants name on top not filled in.
    Bottom of Form; Not signed by Parent/Guardian, Not signed by Participant
    Form not Dated

    This form has 2 parts. Front-- section (I) Back-- section (II)
    Front part section (I) needs to be filled out by parent/guardian dated after 1 January 2016 regardless if your health care provider fills out section (II) or provides you with their own physical form.
    Keep in mind if your health care provider uses their own physical form it needs to state CLEARED FOR SPORTS AND OR SPORTS ACTIVITIES. Please insure the report is signed and dated after 1 January 2016 by your Doctor.
    Section (II) is filled out by your Doctor.
    Insure participants name is written at the top
    Dated after 1 January 2016
    Bottom part Doctor can fill out all lines and sign or use Official Medical Practice Stamp then sign

  • Henlopen Waiver Form
    If your Physical Address is out side of Dover CR Raiders boundaries you will need to get approval from the Association your address belongs too. Fill out this form and return to the DCR President. Please keep in mind approvals are not guaranteed.

  • 2019 Official Volunteer Application
    If you would like to Volunteer with the Dover CR Raiders Association you must fill out and return this Application form.

  • 2019 Official Absentee Form
    Fill this form out if your child will miss any time during the season Football or Cheer