Rules & Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

1. Registration fee’s are used to cover league fee’s, referees, field use, equipment, and any other expenses the Dover CR Raiders enquire during a season.
2. In the event a parent wishes to remove his or her child from the Dover CR program. Registration fees are refundable in full up till 31 July. From 1 August through 14 August only 1/2 the registration fee is refundable. After 15 August registration fees are non-refundable.

Raffle ticket fundraiser funds are non refundable once paid.  
1. Attendance is the MOST important responsibility for your child as a member of this team. When any player misses practice it hurts their development as well as the development of their teammates. Missing practice can also cause them to be physically unprepared to play/cheer on game day.
2. If your child is going to miss a practice, then HE/SHE should call the Head Coach. Each absence will be categorized either as an excused or unexcused absence.

3. Any Player who who misses more than half the amount of regular practice rather excused or unexcused will not be allowed to play that weeks game. 


SICK (if your child misses’ two practices in a row due to illness please bring a doctor’s note or talk to your child’s coach) your child will not be able to play game day unless they are released from the doctor.

HOMEWORK/SCHOOL FUNCTIONS – Dover CR Raiders is a member of the National Pop Warner Scholar program where scholastics and football/cheer go hand in hand. We know how important school work is and by all means will never penalize a child for missing practice for homework. Please consider though if your child is not able to handle football/cheer with school work they might need to be removed from the program until they can manage the strenuous task.

DEATH – Please just advise your child’s coach or staff if your child will not be at practice or attending a game.


NO CALL NO SHOW – This includes practice and game day.


Parents I know many of you go away and this can not be helped. Please be advised that during the month of August your child must have 10 hours of conditioning before they can ever start tackling/stunting. Once the 10 hours is completed all football players must have 10 hours of tackling before they can participate in their first game. All cheerleaders must have 20 hours of stunting before they are able to cheer on game day or compete in competition.

1. Perfect attendance. We are learning important elements of the game every single practice. Our league allows a limited number of practices in which to teach all of the safety items as well as the rules and fundamentals of this sport. We also will have our team’s offense, defense and special teams.
Cheerleaders have many drills and cheers to learn. 100% attendance will only give your cheerleader more confidence to do their best.
2. Be fully dressed and on the field at the start of practice. I suggest dressing at home and arriving 10-15 minutes before practice. Your coach will advise your child on what equipment will be needed for practice if your child is unsure please contact your coach so your child will be 100% prepared for practice when they show up
3. Relentless hustle. During practice, players are not permitted to walk on the field. During drills, players will be ready to go when it is their turn, and they will hustle to the back of the line when they complete each drill. Due to the limited amount of practice time and the emphasis we place on safety, our practices will be fast paced and loaded with very important information. So we must start on time and we will hustle for the entire practice to get everything finished.

4. Cheerleaders should be ready to start and follow all instructions for their safety during practice.

5. Mutual respect.

As coaches, we promise to give your kids 100% and we expect them to give the same in return. Players should make eye contact with coaches during instructional periods. We will not disrespect our players, and disrespect from the players will not be tolerated. Players will respect their teammates, opponents and game officials as well. We all have the same goal. Any unsportsmanlike violations during game day or cheer competitions will result in disciplinary actions taken immediately. Any player/cheerleader not following this rule will be subjected to removal from the Dover CR Raiders.

1st offense – written warning
2nd offense – one game/cheer event suspension
3rd offense – removal from Dover CR Raiders program

6. Desire to play football/cheer. This sounds simple enough, but it is very easy to tell who does not want to be here. Football is not an easy sport to play. Players practice tirelessly for relatively few games when compared with other sports. In the event our coaches feel your child is not giving 100% due to lack of interest they will contact you as a parent and a decision will be made for the safety of your child and their fellow team mates. Please do not make your child play football if they do not enjoy it. Serious injuries could happen to your child or someone else’s.

If your child is not comfortable with cheering or stunting please reconsider your child’s placement on the Dover CR Raiders. Your child’s inattentiveness could cause serious or fatal injuries to another cheer member.

7. Bring all gear to practice, including a large water bottle. Respect your gear at all times because it keeps you safe. Never sit on your helmet. I am not responsible to carry extra mouthpieces, leg pads, earpieces, cleats or anything else. Anyone not in full gear will participate so they do not fall behind but during all contact drills they will work on conditioning instead because contact without proper equipment will not be allowed under any circumstances.

Cheerleaders should always have proper clothing and shoes on during practice.

1. Be positive and set an example with your good sportsmanship. Do not yell at officials, coaches, your child, other children on the team, or our opponents. Any parent/guest not following this code of conduct will be removed from the game. This action will be enforced by the head coach of each team and supported by the leagues President. Cheering is strongly encouraged.
2. At practices and game day we encourage parents to stay and watch and support your child. Please be advised that you are not permitted on the practice field or the playing field with your child or allowed to coach your child from the sidelines. Everyone dealing with your children has had to have a background check and for your child’s safety and others please respect the rules set forth to protect your child. Parents we also ask that you never teach your child a different way of playing/cheering that may confuse them or put them or their fellow team mates in harms way. We know that many of you have played football/cheered and you may think your way is better but we do have rules and guide lines we must obey. If you have a suggestion please speak to your child’s coach before changing anything in your child’s practice routine or training.
3. Please show up on time to pick up your child from all functions. Parents please remember your child’s coach is a volunteer and may have appointments themselves or a child of their own that has homework to get completed. If you know you will be running late don’t just assume your child’s coach can wait for you to arrive. Please make arrangements accordingly. Speak with a coach if you have an issue concerning rides. Set up carpools with other parents. Whatever we have to do, let’s get everyone out at a reasonable time.
4. The best way to solve any problems or get answers to any questions that you have this season is to come to the head coach as long as it is not during practice. After practices when we are away from the team or on the phone is the best way to communicate with your coaches. Please do not discuss problems you might have with other parents or even worse in front of our players. For a youth team to be successful, participates must believe in the coaches and the techniques that they are being taught. Football is an amazing sport in part due to the multitude of ways that it can be taught. You may not like the offense, defense, this technique or that technique but that doesn’t make them wrong or ineffective. If you have any concerns you may contact any board member of the Dover CR Raiders.


1. In order to uphold the goals of Pop Warner and ensure that all participants have the benefit of a safe and fun learning environment, all parents, guardians and other adults and attendees of
Pop Warner events, including but not limited to practices, competitions, and banquets, must behave accordingly in a respectful, courteous and sportsmanlike manner at all times.
2. Any adult who is using alcohol, tobacco or non-prescription drugs and/or appears intoxicated at a Pop Warner event, and/or who is flagrantly rude, attempts to intimidate, verbally abuse, heckles, taunts, ridicules, boos, throws objects and/or uses vulgarity or profane language/gestures with an official, coach, volunteer, staff member, participant or other event attendee, must receive a verbal warning and/or be asked to leave a PopWarner event. The member organization may also provide a written warning to the individual regarding the misbehavior. The adult’s children may also be removed from the event. Any adult, who commits one of the above stated offenses a second time, will be banned from any and all Pop Warner events for a period of one year from the date of the second offense, and their children may also be removed from the program(s) for that time period.
3. Any adult who physically assaults an official, coach, volunteer, staff member or participant or threatens grave bodily harm may be banned from any and all Pop Warner events at a minimum for one year from the date of the offense, and their children may also be removed from any and all Pop Warner programs for that same period of time. After the ban has expired, if the individual commits another offense of the adult code of conduct, the individual will be permanently banned from any and all Pop Warner events and the individual’s children may also be permanently removed from any and all Pop Warner programs.

1. We understand that most players and their parents have very specific ideas of what position they should play. Unfortunately, there is only 1 QB on the team and 21 other positions that must be filled. Each player will be tested in drills and placed in a position where I feel he can best help the team. Remember that teamwork is of utmost importance in the sport of football, so encourage your child no matter what position they end up playing.
2. Our intention is that every player has a starting position and makes a meaningful contribution to the team. Whether or not that goal is achieved is up to the players. Playing time is based on many things, including but not limited to attendance, assignment knowledge and physical readiness to safely function on the field of play.
3. Playing time for your child is mandated by the National Pop Warner League. All players will get the minimum play time on game day based on the amount of players on the roster to play that day. There is someone on the field at every game from both teams checking off players to make sure the minimum play time is followed and no child is ignored or not given an opportunity to play. I know we as parents think our child should be in on every play but safety of your child will always come first.

Examples of mandatory play time are as follows for the entire game for
JR Pee Wee thru Midget:

31-35 players= 6 plays
26-30 players= 8 plays
16-25 players= 10 plays

31-35 players= 8 plays
26-30 players= 10 plays
16-25 players= 12 plays

I know this doesn’t seem like a lot of play time but please keep in mind that your child’s level of experience will also play a factor at times.

1. Football is a collision sport and players are protected from injury by using the proper equipment, proper techniques, and following all safety rules and regulations. We spend a lot of time working on these things in practice.
2. If your child cannot block and tackle safely, they will get minimum play time or be removed from the team if they promote a safety hazard to themselves or others. It is very important that all of our players learn to block and tackle properly.
3. Players should never put their head down on the football field. Unfortunately, this seemingly simple idea takes instruction and repetition to keep it from happening. Instruction and repetition is what we do daily at practice.
4. When blocking and tackling, players should NEVER lead with any portion of the helmet. This is not only a penalty (spearing), but it is also incredibly dangerous because it can cause a spinal cord injury to either or both players.
5. Football players or cheerleaders are not permitted to wear any sort of jewelry in practice, games or competition.
6. Players must wear a shirt under their shoulder pads to prevent injury.
7. All serious injuries or heat related symptoms must be reported to the head coach immediately.


1. Exercise, well balanced diet, and well rested body will help you heal and increase the stamina needed to cheer/dance and stunt.
2. Any injuries need to be addressed immediately to a coach or cheer staff. Please do not ignore any signs of pain or fatigue.
3. No stunts are to be performed with out proper training and spotters. Any cheerleaders disobeying these rules and regulations are subject to disciplinary actions.

Equipment and Uniforms

Dover CR Raiders will provide all EQUIPMENT for their football players this includes: 

1-Game jersey *to be returned at the end of the season
1-Game pants  *to be returned at the end of the season
1-Practice Pants *to be returned at the end of the season
1-Practice Jersey **item to keep by selling all 20 raffle tickets
1-Helmet *to be returned at the end of the season
1-Shoulder pads *to be returned at the end of the season
1-Black & 1-Pink pair of socks **item to keep by selling all 20 of your raffle tickets
1-Mouth piece **item to be kept by selling all 20 of your raffle tickets

Any items lost or stolen must be replaced immediately. Parents will be billed accordingly.

1. All players Shoes: In all divisions of play: sneakers, molded rubber cleats (soccer style, or detachable rubber or plastic (football style) cleats are permitted. No metal cleats are permitted. Cleats may not exceed 1/2 inch in length. Special Kicking shoes are not allowed.
2. Players must wear a proper mouthpiece at all times. All mouth pieces must be secured to the helmet and can not be CLEAR or WHITE
3. Full gear includes the helmet, chinstrap, mouthpiece, shoulder pads, jersey, tailbone pad, hip pads, girdle, thigh pads, kneepads, pants, socks, and cleats. Unless otherwise stipulated by the head coach, we are in full gear. Game Jerseys should NOT be worn to practice.
4. Before you buy supplemental equipment such as forearm pads, elbow pads, a neck roll or rib pads (flak jacket), please speak with the Head Coach. Many times these items can be a hindrance for a youth player.
5. Wash practice gear at least once a week. You can shampoo a helmet. We want to prevent the spread of infection. Air dry jerseys and pants.
6. Football equipment is incredibly expensive. Take good care of it.
7. For games, our uniform will consist of our Game Jerseys & Black Socks along with Black game pants and Silver helmets. For colder games, you should purchase a white, silver, or black under armor to protect them from the cold. AT NO TIME MAY YOUR CHILD WEAR A LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRT during a football game, this can cause serious injury if the article of clothing is grabbed or caught in a cleat. All game jerseys MUST be tucked into the pants and belt worn.

Dover CR Raiders will provide their cheerleaders with the following
1-Cheer Uniform
1-Pom Pom

Cheerleaders will be given an additional list of items that must be purchased to complete the uniform but these items your cheerleader will keep at the end of the season.

Cheerleaders must always be in complete uniform unless otherwise advised differently from your coach. Skirt, bodysuit, tank, ribbon, socks, issued sneakers.

1. Players/cheerleaders need to come to practice hydrated. They should not have their first water when they arrive at practice. Especially in the summer months, it is very hot out and players/cheerleaders need to be properly hydrated. In order to stay properly hydrated throughout the season, we need each player to drink at least 6 glasses of water each day. Don’t skip out on the weekends either.
2. Players/cheerleaders should avoid beverages like soda and iced tea that are loaded with caffeine. Energy drinks are expressly forbidden on this team. Some Gatorade or PowerAde each day is ok but only some. 3 to 1 water to sports drink is a pretty good mix for this age group.
3. Players should avoid eating slow-digesting foods shortly before practice. Players should eat a diet high in proteins and complex carbohydrates.


Your child must maintain a 70% GPA average to participate in the Dover CR Raiders program. Your child’s report card must be turned in twice during the football /cheer season. Pop Warner Scholar recognizes all players/cheerleaders for their excellence in academics. Their will be several awards/scholarships and events your child may be eligible for by being a member of the Dover CR Raiders Pop Warner Scholar Program.

Dover CR Raiders would like to thank all parents in advance for their time and support of our organization. The items listed on this form are subject to change with out notice and may be modified or changed in certain events.