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  • U9 - U14 Rules

  • U8 Rules
    Shore Counties Soccer League (SCSL)
    Rules – U8

    The overall objective of this league is the development of players.

    Field: The field will be a small sized traveling field.

    Format: 6 field players and 1 goalkeeper

    Game Length: Each game consists of 2 halves that are 25 minutes in length each with a 5 minute half time. The game must start on time. All games WILL END 55 minutes past the hour the game was scheduled to start.

    Shin guards shall be required with socks worn over the shin guards. Soccer cleats are recommended. No jewelry shall be worn. Earrings cannot be taped, players must remove them

    Referees: There will be referees at each game. Referees will instruct the players when a call is made. On game day each team pays $20 for the referee.
    If a team shows up with less then 7 players, the opposing team is required to play with the same number of players. (6v6 or 5v5 etc.)

    Playing time: All children shall play equal amounts of time in all games. Children shall be assigned to play in different positions. Substitutions can be made on any stoppage play other than a stoppage due to a foul called by the Referee.

    Weather Cancellations: Determination as to game cancellation is at the discretion of the League and its authorized representative. A game underway maybe be cancelled by the official/referee due, in his judgment, to unsafe conditions.

    There is no requirement to make up canceled game however, at the convenience of both teams; the missed game can be re-scheduled within 5 days. The game will be made up during the week.

    Parents are not allowed on the players sidelines unless requested by the coach.

    Coaches during normal play conditions should stay within half line and the goal line on their bench side of the field. However during the fall season a Coach maybe on the field during games to more effectively coach. However said coach must have an assistant coach or responsible adult on the sideline to manage the bench personnel.

    Offside will not be enforced during the fall for U-8 teams. The infracting player will be cautioned to get back onside.

    Goal kicks. Place the ball anywhere along line of penalty area (18 yard line). Opposing team must provide 10 yards of space from ball.

    Mercy rule: I would like you all to know that this rule is for the benefit all the players in the Shore County Soccer League. If there is more than a 6 goal difference in the score then the team with the lower score can increase their field players by adding 1 player and the team that is winning will decrease a player by 1.

    Any disputes or protests must be addressed immediacy, on the field, to the Home Organizations Director who has the ultimate authority in these matters.

    Other than these rules standard FIFA rules will be enforced.

    Updated 09/05/17