September 4, 2011

Team standings will be determined according to points accrued and listed in descending order:


Tie break system: In the event of a similar point total, the following priority order will be considered:

1. Head to head competition (if more than two teams, this will be used only if the tied teams have played an equal amount of games against each other)

2. Number of wins and/or winning percentage
3. Goals ALLOWED (3M does NOT encourage running up scores)
4. Goals SCORED (again, 3M does NOT encourage running up scores)
5. Coin flip


June 29, 2015

Amendments to any previous rules are in boldface type for the Fall 2018 season:



1. The season will consist of ten (10) games, five (5) home and five (5) away. Each division, that has more than 4 teams, will have a playoff tournament. The top  team in each eligible division will qualify for the playoffs (Jr. Boys typically has 3 sub-divisions, each sub-division winner and one wildcard will qualify). Depending on the number of teams, in each division, there may be wild card qualifiers.This tournament will be at an additional cost to the teams that are eligible due to the fact these will be post season games, above and beyond the 10 regular season games.  Final position for teams will equal number of points unless games have been cancelled due to weather.  In the event postponed games aren't able to be made an alternative method may be used at the discretion of the 3M board (i.e. winning percentage or 1.5 points awarded for games not made up). All tie-breakers are listed in the scoring methodology of 3M.  Games will consist of two 40-minute halves in the Boys' and Girls' Junior divisions, along with the Sr. Girls and two 45-minute halves for the Boys divisions with a running clock. There will be NO stoppage time added to regular game time for injuries, it will be the referee discretion to add time should a team delay the game. In a playoff game that ends regulation time in a tie, there will be two 5 minute over time periods.  Should the playoff game remain tied, after the two overtime periods, there will be a 5 player shootout in accordance with FIFA rules. A game is considered "official" if, and only if, the Second Half of the game is started.  Any game stopped before this point will be replayed.
2. Teams no longer must play with an equal number of players on the field. If a team does not have 11 players, their opponent cannot play with the lower amount, but with the full 11 if present:  NO REDUCE TO EQUATE, NO EXCEPTIONS. A team must have a minimum of 8 players present in order to avoid a forfeit, but will be allowed to compete with 7 only if that number is created by loss of a player to injury or red card.  Additionally, a team playing a game with this 8 player minimium can do so just one time during the entire season without forfeiting. In the event of a forfeit, the players may elect to play the game as a 'friendly'. Two forfeits in the same season may result, at the discretion of the Directors, in that team's removal from future competition. Any players that miss multiple games causing their team to play with less than 11 players for a game may result, at the discretion of the Directors, in a suspension for the following season. Each club will determine their maximum roster size. For the 2018 Fall season Rosters will have a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 21 dressed.



3. Only registered (local club and NJYSA) players on a club's roster may participate in the games. No carded Travel players will be allowed to play in the 3M League under any circumstance
  Any carded travel player that is found to have circumvented this rule will be suspended for 1 calendar year and will not be eligible to play in 3M during that time even if they no longer play travel soccer In addition, the team the player played for will forfeit any games that the player was an active participant.  EACH SOCCER CLUB MUST SUBMIT A ROSTER FOR EACH TEAM TO THE 3M SOCCER LEAGUE PRIOR TO THE FIRST GAME OF EACH SEASON. THIS MUST INCLUDE THE PLAYERS' FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME. All teams must have the signed, and notarized, roster form along with each players medical release form with a 1 x 1 head shot of the player attached to present to game officials at check-in prior to the start of each game. All coaches must have identification cards (picture not mandatory) in order to stay on the players' sidelines and technical area. Any player that is not on the signed and notarized roster (or is hand written AFTER the notary signature), or is missing the medical release form with their picture, will not be allowed to play in any game there are NO EXCEPTIONS.

4. Game officials MUST check-in players several minutes prior to kickoff in order that the match may start on time.  The officials should use the roster of record, provided by the opposing team, to check in teams.  Should a coach not have their opponents roster then the roster provided by the coach of the team should be used.  Any unstamped/certified roster that is used will result in a forfeit and disciplinary action. If the officials experience delays during check-in caused by either team's tardiness or lack of compliance or preparation, the officials may punctuate the game (at their discretion) so that there will not be a delayed start for other games scheduled for that venue that day. In such cases, the referee will subtract time from the FIRST HALF of play, leaving the SECOND HALF with the normal time allotment.  Any players not checked in prior to the start of the second half will NOT be allowed to play. For the Fall 2018 season all center referee's MUST  have a grade 8 license and be at least 18 years old for the junior division and 21 years old for the senior division.

5. Teams are encouraged to keep the game competitive and no team should “run up” the score. Starting with the Fall 2017 season 3M will begin using a "mercy" rule.  Once a team is winning a game by 6 goals the game will be deemed complete and the score will be reported at the time the mercy rule is enforced (i.e. - a 6 - 0 or 9 - 3 game will be recorded as such).  After the mercy rule is enforced the teams should continue playing as a scrimmage for the remaining time but the score will be set.  Coaches should work together to ensure the players have a competitive scrimmage and can mix up the teams if they choose.  Coaches should still keep in mind that the score should not be "run up" even in a scrimmage situation, the idea is to allow the game to be played as intended.

6. Substitutions can be made at ANY stoppage and at the discretion of the referee.
 NO LATER THAN SUNDAY NIGHT OF EACH GAME WEEKEND. Coaches shall email the result of games, including score and town coordnitors should report any cancellations, to so that schedules and standings can be kept accurate and up-to-date. Dates of rescheduled games must be sent, town representatives, as soon as possible so the schedules can be updated. Rules, schedules, and standings will be available on the 3M League website,  Any game score that has not been reported by SUNDAY NIGHT, of the weekend the games are played, will be deemed a DOUBLE FORFEIT, no exceptions.  Once a double forfeit is recorded there will be no adjustments.  It is the full responsibility of BOTH HEAD COACHES to report scores in a timely manner.  All games count towards eligibility for playoffs.  There will be a one-week time period to question the results on the website and then the results are final and no adjustments will be made.  Any cancelled/rescheduled games, not reported by the town representative prior to the originally scheduled game will be a forfeit for the home team.
8. A player receiving a “red card” shall be removed from the current game and any additional games will be determined by the disciplinary committee.. Each league may suspend a player for a longer period of time for a serious infraction. Two yellow cards in the same game results in a red card, removal from the current game
 and any further discipline will be determined by the disciplinary committee. An aggregate of three yellow cards will constitute similar discipline to a red card infraction. Starting in the Fall 2016 season each town will determine the disciplinary actions for players within their town.  The 3M Disciplinary committee may determine any additional disciplinary action if they chooseOnce receiving a red card penalty, the recipient may provide the Disciplinary Committee his/her report before action is determined. It is the coach’s responsibility to monitor "yellow" and “red” cards and to report them with scores for recordkeeping. Any coach not self reporting Red or Yellow Card infractions may be subject to disciplinary which inlcudes being suspended. The Fall 2018 Disciplinary Committee members will be Howard Gessner (EB), Jeff Wurmbrand (Manalapan) and Jayson Lemberg (MSA).

9. The league strictly prohibits slide tackling during matches. Violations will result in a yellow unless the ref feels it was a flagrant attempt and/or a serious injury was caused, which could result in a RED CARD.

10. Each team will be allowed to request schedule changes during a two week period following receipt of the schedule.  After this two week period each team will be allowed to request ONE game to be rescheduled and it must be at least a week prior to the game.  After one game is rescheduled all other games MUST be played or that team will forfeit. If a coach cancels a game within 72 hours of the scheduled time then that team will forfeit.  In rare instances where a town needs to make a change within 72 hours to game time both coaches should work together to find a time in which the game can be played.   Additionally, teams may not be eligible for playoff games if they forfeit more then 1 gameEach home team should confirm their games with the opposing coach 1 week prior to the game.




11. Once the rosters are certified by the directors, a town coordinator can add players (if needed due to a particular teams low attendance or injury) up until the 5th week of the season.. Rosters are due on August 26th for the Fall 2018 season. 


12. All players must have a medical clearance form  authorizing treatment by EMT professionals in case of emergency.  These forms should be maintained by the coach and must be brought to each game.  Referees will ask for these forms on at check in to ensure the picture matches the player on the field.



June 29, 2015


Rules for 3M Soccer League

Coaches Responsibility:

· 3M is a league that is about the players enjoying their soccer experience.  Coaches are expected to promote sportsmanship
Coaches are expected to maintain control of their assistant coach, players and parents. Any and all complaints related to the game are to be dealt with in a civilized manner after the game and/or through your club’s director.

· Coaches are asked to instill in their players a commitment to participate in league games on a regular basis. Coaches must attend the mandatory coaches' meeting at the beginning of the season.

Coaches must check with their team to ensure that enough players will be available for all scheduled games prior to notifying the opposing coach. Home team coaches must contact visiting team coaches by WEDNESDAY evening before the Saturday game to confirm the date, location, field and time of the game. If a game must be postponed/forfeited due to a shortage of players (less than 8), the coach should notify their league director and then contact the coach of the opposing team. Notification that a team can't play within 72 hours of a game will result in a forfeit.

· If a game must be canceled due to inclement weather or field conditions, the HOME COACH must notify the opposing coach as soon as possible but NOT LESS THAT TWO (2) HOURS PRIOR TO THE START OF THE GAME. A phone call is required to the opposing coach if there is any cancellation on the day of the game. The game shall be rescheduled with the primary choice being Sunday, no more than FIFTEEN (15)DAYS after the postponed game (if at all possible). Home team coaches must contact their league director to confirm field availability for the rescheduled date and contact the opposing team’s coach of the postponed game (date and time). 

· Players should be present one-half (1/2) hour prior to the start of the game. Visiting teams will be given 15 minutes from the scheduled start of a game to field a team. IF A TEAM DOES NOT HAVE A SUFFICIENT NUMBER OF PLAYERS (8) TO BEGIN THE GAME,  IT WILL BE COUNTED AS A FORFEIT. HAVING LESS THAT 9 PLAYERS FOR A GAME WILL BE DEEMED A FORFEIT AFTER THE FIRST OFFENSE.

Players must be represented by a medical release form that will be reviewed by the referee AND opposing coach prior to each game. These players must be designated accordingly on the team's official roster. 

· Only registered (local club and NJYSA) players may participate in the games.

· Coaches shall email the result of games,to 
Marc Josephson at so that schedules and standings can be kept accurate and up-to-date. Dates of rescheduled games must be sent, by town representatives, as soon as possible so the schedules can be updated. Rules, schedules, and standings will be available on the 3M League website,

· Coaches are also required to report all cards (yellow or red) with the penalized players name with the score.  Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.