3M Membership Requirements

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Member Clubs Responsibilies

Requirements to Join and Participate in 3M

1) Each member club must have a dedicated representative for the 3M program.

2) Member clubs are required to accept, and abide by, all 3M rules defined here. These rules supersede the local club rules.  They will also be required to accept the 3M fines as listed below.

3) Representatives, for each club, will be required to handle one of the responsibilities that are required to run 3M.

4) Clubs must be able to provide safe fields of play that are no smaller than 100 x 60.

5) Please email mjosephson@jlkcpaspc.com if you are looking for additional information and/or would like to inquire about joining 3M.


3M Infractions and Fines

3M will require that participating clubs pay fines for the following infractions (failure to pay will eliminate the town from participating in 3M in future seasons).

1) $50 per each coach that fails to have their roster certified at the coaches meeting.  This means every team must be represented by one individual.  Towns will no longer be permitted to have one representative at the coaches meeting to have all rosters certified (each individual will only be allowed to have one roster certified, no exceptions).

2) $100 each time a team in their town forfeits, beginning with the second forfeit

3) $400 per team removal after the stated deadline for the number teams to be submitted


At the end of the season, all money will be donated to Soccer Without Borders, www.soccerwithoutborders.org

3M Important Dates

February 16th - Number of teams, per town, due to 3M

March 1 (on or around) - Schedule due to all towns

March 16 - Schedule due back from towns to 3M

March 18 - Rosters due to 3M (email 3msoccerleague@gmail.com

March 25 - Mandatory coaches meeting at 7:00 at TBD