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The Brampton Men’s Recreational Baseball League began operation in 1978 and has been in continuous operation ever since.

The first year of operation began with 4 teams totaling approximately 50 players using 1 baseball diamond playing every Sunday night. There was a schedule of 8 games and 2 playoff games.

The second year of operation saw the existing 4 teams adding some players and a waiting list was started. Little did we know what was to come?

The third year the league was expanded to 6 teams and more games were added.

With the addition of some diamonds and upgrades to a few others the league continued to be very popular and quickly expanded. First to 8 teams then to 12.

In 2002 16 teams played. In 2003 18 teams played and in 2006 24 teams played. The schedule now ran from late April to mid-October with teams playing an 18 game schedule. There were 350 members.

In 2013 with the addition of 2 new diamonds the league expanded to its current number of 32 teams divided into 4 divisions. Teams play an 18 game schedule and all teams have playoff games. 

In 2011 the league became an affiliate of the Vintage Baseball Federation of Ontario and with this affiliation it became a member of the Canadian National Old Timers Baseball Federation. In 2014 the Brampton Men’s Recreational Baseball League hosted the CNOBF Nationals. Which drew 31 teams from across Canada to compete for National titles in 3 age groups 35, 43 and 50 year olds.

In 2018 due to the tremendous increase in players on the waiting list wanting to play baseball in Brampton we were able to add 2 more teams. The league now has 34 teams and 480 members.



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