BRFS Logo-JPEG.jpg        Bonny River Softball League Rules

* Games will be 1 ½ hours or 9 innings. (whichever comes first).

* If there is 10 minutes OR less left to the game, there is NO starting a new inning and if the time runs out the game goes back to the last fully played inning.

* There will be a 15 minute grace period (if needed) between games.

*Players who are on the line up must be present before the batting order has been completely gone thru once or it is an OUT (cannot add players to line up part way thru the game).

* There will be 5 run rule per inning until 9th inning ONLY being an open inning.

* Players must keep their front foot BEHIND the home plate when batting or it is an OUT.

* No more than 2 guys bat in a row. (if needed the girls will have to be rotated threw the batting order in the order they are on the batting line-up) If you do not have a girl to rotate because they are on bases, than it is considered an out.

* With 9 players, there needs to be a minimum of 2 girls and NO more than 7 guys on the field at all times.

* Pitch needs to have a 5 foot to 10 foot arch. (Remember a swing is a strike) and if the ball hits the mat it is a STRIKE.

* Any pitch that is made within the 5-10 foot arch and it hits the mat it is a STRIKE.

* Second foul on the third strike is an OUT.

* ALWAYS run behind home plate (must cross the home plate line).

* Once you cross the commitment line (from 3rd base to home) you must continue to home. (NO turning back to third).

* If fielder touches the orange during the play the runner is SAFE.

* If a guy is walked in 4 straight pitches and a girl is batting after him, it is an automatic double for the girl. (she can choose to either hit or take the base).

*Pinch runner- Injured players can have a runner for the WHOLE game BUT it must be stated at the very beginning before the game starts and the player MUST tell the ump as soon as they step up to the plate. If injured during a game the runner can get a pinch runner. REMEMBER in order to get a pinch runner the runner MUST STOP at first base.

* Team rosters- During regular season a team can only pick up a girl if needed (to a maximum of 2 girls on the field).

*No one can be picked up during tournaments or playoffs.

* NO bottles on the field, ONLY cans. (be sure to clean up any and all garbage and cans before your team leaves).

* To sub people in and out of a game it is COMPLETELY up to the captain of each team to do.

* Winning teams MUST report to Mike Winsor and Kelsey MacDougall with their scores.

*Infield fly rule applies when there is less than 2 people out and there are people on 1st and 2nd base.

* If the ball hits 3rd base and then bounces out is it considered fair.

Be advised that the captains will meet at a future date to revise any rules, if needed.






July 21, 2017