The Brother Rice Alumni Softball League has initiated ways for the League to give back to Br. Rice monetarily through the years. In 2013, "Split The Pot" was begun to fund our annual League BBQ and to donate to selected scholarships, Funds, projects and programs at the school. In 2014, the League instituted an off season raffle to sponsor a locker in the New Locker Room Project.

We have since continued the off season raffle which has allowed the League, with contributions from "Split The Pot", to make donations to the following:

The Connor Lowry Scholarship Fund

The Brendan Murrihy Scholarship fund

The Andrew Weischar Scholarship Fund

The Bill Hite Scholarship Fund

The Football Program

The Rugby Program

The Baseball Program: Fence signage

The Track Program: Br. O'Keefe Scholarship Fund

The Soccer Program

The New Locker Room Project: Locker sponsorship

Brother Rice General Fund

The Water Polo Program

Life Guard Fund

John C. Knight '78 Memorial Softball Tournament

Football: Tent Sponsorship

Baseball Program: Riding mower repairs

99th St. School Entrance Modernization Project

Student Field Set Up Crew: We hired local BR students who are in need of tuition assistance to set up the fields each Sunday.

Engineering Program (3D printer supplies in support of the Helping Hands Advocacy Project)

2018 Alumni Association Faculty/Staff Appreciation Party

Paul Gudonis '72 "Door of Opportunity" Scholarship Fund


Thank you to all who have contributed and for the many ways you support the students of Brother Rice High School. 

Your generosity transforms lives.