Frequently Asked Questions:


When does the season start:  (Approximately)

a.    3rd grade:  End of September/beginning of October

                                          i.    First games start around the middle of October and end beginning of December.

                                         ii.    The teams are split by same grade, equal numbers, equal talent and sometimes by proximity of players to practice venues.  (*Usually school district gyms)

                                        iii.    Teams practice 1-2 times a week depending on gym availability. 

                                       iv.    Practices run ~ 60-90 minutes.

                                        v.    They usually play in 4 tournaments consisting of 3 games on Saturdays  and usually within a 3 hour radius

                                       vi.    No over-night travel for 3rd and 4th grade teams.



How many tournaments do we play:

a.    You usually play in 1 more tournament than your grade level.  Example:  5th grade would play in 6 tournaments, 6th grade would play in 7 tournaments…

b.    4th grade typically plays in 5 tournaments.  2 non-competitive tournaments and 3 competitive tournaments.  There is the possibility of 4th grade teams playing in 5th grade competitive tournaments if there are not enough 4th grade hosted tournaments. 


What is the cost to play Cardinal Hoops during the 2015-2016 season? (Collected at registration/parents meeting)

a.    3rd grade $40

b.    4th grade $60

c.    5th and 6th grade $85

d.    7th and 8th grade $100


How is it determined what team my son will be on:

a.     3rd and 4th grade teams are determined by:

                                          i.    The teams are split by same grade, equal numbers, equal talent and sometimes by proximity of players to practice venues.  (*Usually school district gyms)

b.    5th thru 8th grade: 

                                          i.    Players are chosen through an objective selection process to play on the Red team (A squad) and White team (B squad)

                                         ii.    In the weeks leading up to that grades first practice, there will be 2 tryouts run by coaches and evaluators independent of that grade level who will evaluate and handle the selection process for the Red and White team. 

                                        iii.    All players will go through the same evaluation process every year.


 Do I have to agree to have my child's or my photo appear on a Cardinal Hoops Sponsored site?


      Cardinal Hoops will post throughout the year, group, team and individual photo's.  We do this to promote and display the Cardinal Hoops Organization as well as the teams and individuals participating in Hoops. 


                                   ** Cardinal Hoops will try to comply with parents wishes that their son's photo does not appear on our Facebook or Website, however, Chippewa Falls Cardinal Hoops does not guarantee that your son's photo will not appear on our Facebook or Website.  We don't apply names to photos as is a concern with some parents, however, we have in the past, put large group photos on the site.  It is the parents and child's responsibility first, before the photo is taken, to remove themselves from any photo opportunity that they feel is a situation they don't want to be a part of.


Do we have any other obligations to the Hoops program during the year?


a.    Yes, every family is required to volunteer for 2 shifts per child.  These shifts are usually 2-4 hours in length and will take place at one of the Hoops home tournaments or possibly 1 shift at Oktoberfest



Cardinal Hoops Bylaws


Please click on the following link to view:

Cardinal Hoops Bylaws