COVID-19 League News Update

March 29, 2020

What's going on Wiffle fans!

So as you know, the pandemic COVID-19 has spread across the US and has effected many homes and families. We are praying that we will pass through this soon. However, due to the state of Colorado's stay-at-home order, we will not be playing games until at least this virus is eliminated in NoCo. There has been several reports of the virus near us. We will be back soon! Stay safe and stay home. We are strong. Let's get through this! 

Games set for Michigan Trip

June 3, 2019

As the season reaches its peak, the league will head to Cedar River, Michigan and play one, maybe two league games. The games are scheduled to be Rockies vs. Marlins and/or Cardinals vs. Cubs. If you happen to be near the area, come out and see us and maybe we can chat and play some wiffs! This will be the second year that CLMLB has officially played here at Cedar River! The dates will be June 12-13. 

Jays, Rockies on verge of elimination.

August 30, 2019

With the Blue Jays and Rockies both wrapping up their seasons respectively with one game left, they are both on the verge of being eliminated from the postseason. Both teams at 0-2, they look to win just one game to keep their hopes alive. The first year Blue Jays were ranked #1 in the AL preseason power rankings before the season began and so far, the Jays have been suprisingly horrible. The have been shutout in both of their games against the Padres and the Mariners. With run differential being a huge key to make the playoffs, along with season record, the Blue Jays have the second worst RD (run differential) in the league. Evan Cross and the Blue Jays might have to wait until next season to make a run to the postseason. The Rockies are surprisingly not very good at all this year to say the least. The loss to Chicago and Miami really took a toll on the franchise. The Rockies are the worst in run differential in the league and have one of the worst offensive teams in team history. Going all the way back to 2012, this is the worst the Rockies have ever been as a franchise, having lost 4 straight games. If the Rockies are unable to make the postseason, it would be the first time in franchise history to not make the playoffs. With their last game against the Dodgers later this season, Stephen Cross will most likely take the mound and look to give Colorado a win. This very well might not be the year for the Rockies as well. It will all play out in the final week of the season! 

Cubs ready to sign Michaels to a deal

June 3, 2019

After crushing the Rockies in their last game, the Cubs reportedly said that they are looking to sign their rookie Matt Michaels to a deal. No word on how much this deal is but it’s most a minor deal. With the addition, it could be the push that Chicago needs in pursuit of their first CLMLB title. The Cubs currently lead the league in runs scored and HR as a team. The Cubs will face the defending champions and rivals the Cardinals in their next game.

Mariners shutout the Jays with 5 HR.

May 25, 2019

Yesterday on a warm day in Colorado at Mission Field, the Mariners (1-1) came out of the gate and shutdown the Toronto Blue Jays (0-2). Stephen Cross struggled in the First inning with his command but was able to cool them down, not allowing a run. Through three innings, the Blue Jays could only grab three hits in this one, getting shutout again. Fun fact, the Blue Jays have yet to score their first run and first extra base hit. With a 8-run second inning, along with 5 home runs from Stephen, the Mariners get the win, their first in team history. With the Mariners hitting 5 long balls yesterday, it was the most by a single player or team since last season’s playoffs. The Blue Jays are not looking good at all, which they very well might be eliminated from the postseason as far as we know but we’ll have to wait until the schedule gets deeper. As for Seattle, they are leading the AL West at 1-1. 

Batting Practice held before games

May 14, 2019

On Sunday, the league announced that they will now hold a 5-10 minute batting practice before each game starting this season. The players thought this was necessary for them to get better discipline at the plate and get more comfortable in their stances at the plate. “We like the idea. I think it helps us get more relaxed and prepared for what’s coming and it kind of gets you focused on what’s ahead. I’m really excited for this.” 

Philadelphia Phillies Nearly Erases 6-Run Deficit in Loss to Miami Marlins

January 10, 2019

Despite seeing its six-run lead whittled down by the end, Miami Marlins still held off Philadelphia Phillies for a 6-5 victory on Thursday.  The Phillies put up five runs in the failed comeback. Evan Cross fueled the rally with RBI doubles in the third. The Marlins tallied one home run on the day. Stephen Cross went deep to left for the long ball in the first inning. Evan for Philadelphia then homered in the second inning, breaking the shutout chance. Stephen Cross took the win for the Miami Marlins. He lasted three innings, allowing seven hits and five runs while striking out nine and walking one. Cross recorded the last nine outs to earn the save for the win. Evan Cross took the loss for Philadelphia. The Phils surrendered six runs on nine hits over three innings, striking out four. The Marlins move to 1-0 on the year! The Phillies drop their first game and awaits its next matchup against the Dodgers. 

Detroit Tigers Grabs Lead in Second Inning for Victory Over Los Angeles Angels

June 8, 2018

The Detroit Tigers snagged a late lead and defeated Los Angeles Angels 5-1 on Friday.  The game was tied at one with Detroit Tigers batting in the top of the second when Evan singled on a 3-0 count, scoring one run.


Detroit Tigers pulled away for good with four runs in the second inning.  In the second Evan singled on the first pitch of the at bat, scoring one run and Evan eventually doubled on the first pitch of the at bat, scoring two more runs.


Evan Cross got the win for Detroit Tigers. He surrendered one run on two hits over three innings, striking out eight.


Stephen Cross took the loss for Los Angeles Angels. He lasted three innings, allowing seven hits and five runs while striking out nine and walking zero.


The Tigers socked one home run on the day. Evan went for the long ball in the third inning, his first of the year! 



Detroit Tigers collected seven hits on the day.  Evan managed multiple hits for Detroit. The Detroit Tigers was sure-handed and didn't commit a single error. 



The Tigers face the Sox for their home opener as two 1-0 teams battle it out. Should be fun!


For the Angels (0-1), not the start they wanted. They play the Yankees (0-0) at home for some sweet comeback! 

Stephen shines at the plate and mound against the Dodgers

July 23, 2018

Stephen Cross didn't feel much like getting out on Monday, tallying four homers and leading St. Louis to a 9-2 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers. Cross homered twice in the second inning and homered once in the second and third innings. 


The Cardinals secured the victory thanks to six runs in the first inning. The rally was led by home runs by Stephen Cross along with three doubles and an error on a ball put in play by LA.


S. Cross got the win for St. Louis. He surrendered two runs on three hits over three innings, striking out nine and walking one.


Evan Cross took the loss for Los Angeles Dodgers. He lasted three innings, allowing 12 hits and nine runs while striking out eight and walking zero.




The Cardinals totaled 12 hits. 


The Cardinals (1-0) now face their rival Cubs on the road as they seek their second victory of the year!


The Dodgers (0-1) will look to bounce back vs. the Phillies as they look to avoid two straight losses and possible elimination from the playoffs. 

With Ryan On The Mound, Chicago White Sox Shuts Out Houston Astros

May 28, 2018

Ryan Cross threw a shutout to lead Chicago White Sox past Houston Astros 2-0 on Monday.


The pitching was strong on both sides. Ryan Cross struck out nine, while Stephen Cross sat down nine.


One bright spot for Houston Astros was a single by Cross in the second inning.


Ryan led the Chicago White Sox to victory on the mound. They went three innings, allowing zero runs on two hits and striking out nine. Cross recorded the last nine outs to earn the save for Chicago White Sox.


Stephen took the loss for Houston Astros. They went three innings, allowing two runs on three hits, striking out nine and walking zero.



Ryan Cross all had two hits to lead Chicago White Sox. 



White Sox next face Detroit for their home opener as they move to 1-0. 


Astros will look to recover and bounce back vs. the Orioles on the road after the shutout. 


Cardinals going for a repeat?

March 18, 2018

As Season three approaches the Cardinals, they are looking to make it two straight World Series victories. After the Cardinals last year, the least likely team to win the World Series, came back and won, capping off a Cinderella season for them. Even though their schedule is shorter and a little bit tougher, Cross believes that his team will do well, “Who says we’re not going to win...We are gonna give it shot.” The Cardinals currently have the most wins by any team so far in league history and we’ll have to see if they increase their win pct. The Cardinals first test will be against the Dodgers in the first week of April. 

2018 Season is upon us!

February 7, 2018

As the Football season is officially over, you know what that means. It‘s time to return to Wiffleball. We have some exciting announcements for this upcoming CLMLB season. In mid-March, the players will begin workouts as we prepare for the ride. Spring Training will begin the fourth week of March. And the first regular season game will be between the White Sox and the Astros the first week of April. Don’t worry, this season will be shorter than previous years and we expect to be finished by the end of October. Rockies will celebrate 10 seasons of playing and the Cardinals will look to defend the title. New teams will emerge and will compete for the pennant. Catch the season on Instagram, Twitter, or right here! See you soon wiffle fans.