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The National League teams, Cubs (Stephen Cross), and Giants (Ryan Cross) wait to be announced vs. the American League in the 2nd CLMLB All-Star Game.
CLMLB was established in 2007, after the real Rockies lost the WS vs. Red Sox. The first season started in 2008. The Rockies were found in 2007 as the first CLMLB team. We would never realize that we would have 14 teams nine years later. Our first postseason was in 2013.
The Colorado Rockies was the first team added to CLMLB in 2007 and the first season was in 2008. At first, the Rockies were split up into two teams, White Rockies and the Black Rockies until 2010. The Rockies won the 'tiebreaker' wild card game vs. the Padres in 2013 and eventually lost to the Cardinals in the NLCS.
The Dodgers were founded on Christmas Day in 2010, the same with a couple of other teams. Their first season was in 2012 vs. only the Rockies that year in two reg. season games. Of course they lost two straight games but they can be strong. They lost in the 'tiebreaker' wild card vs. the Giants in 2013. They won their first game in franchise history vs. the Cubs in 2014.
The Padres were founded on the same day as the Dodgers and the Cardinals. They lost to the Rockies in the wild card game in 2013 for their first career game and loss. At one point, they were in first place in the 2014-2015 season but only for a game or two. They are a bounce back team at times. Watch out for the Friers!
The Giants were founded in October of 2012 right after the reg. season that year. Their first game was the tiebreaker vs. the Dodgers in the 2013 postseason in which they won. They are one of the teams that will possibly win the World Series soon!
The Phillies where founded on March 28, 2015, the seventh NL team. Commissioner Cross insisted that there should be a NL east team. The goal for the Phillies is to be "powerful".
The Cubs was the fifth team to be added to the NL and the seventh to CLMLB. They lost the 2013 division series to the Cardinals for their first game. The Chicago Cubs almost would have lost their star player Stephen Cross when he fractured his right metatarsel in the fall of 2014. But thankfully, he was able to return stronger than ever before. The Cubs are the best NL team currently.
This is a favorite team of a lot of people. This team was established in 2010. Their first season started in 2014, but they had a memorable fall in 2013. They won the 2013 NLDS to the Cubs and advanced to the NLCS. They were going to play against the oldest team in CLMLB. The Cardinals would win the NL pennant on a hit-by-pitch. They of course lost the 2013 World Series, but is recognized as one NL best teams.
The Angels were founded in December of 2012 and participated in the 2013 postseason. They went to the World Series that fall playing against the St. Louis Cardinals. They won the first CLMLB World Series. Currently, they are the Defending Champions and the best team in CLMLB history.
The White Sox was bought into CLMLB in the spring of 2012. They played in the 2013 ALDS vs. the Tigers. They were the second American League to be added. The finished strong this past season.
The Tigers were the first team to be in the American League. Detriot was founded in summer of 2009. They never played a regular game until the 2013 postseason. They went to the ALCS, but lost to LAA. They are the foundation team of the AL.
Game 1: Rockies vs. Padres NL Wild Card Tiebreaker
Yankees are one of the newest teams in the AL. They played vs. the Angels in the ALDS in 2013 but lost. They got their first victory against the Tigers in 2014 and has a chance to become a big factor in the AL race.
The Twins were bought in Minneapolis in June of 2015 by Stephen Cross. Minnesota is the third AL Central team. They plan to play vs. the Orioles in the AL see who will go to the wild card game.
The Orioles were founded shortly after the Twins were bought. The Orioles have been predicted to be a hitting club than a pitching club. They face the Twins in the tiebreaker in 2016.