Work Ethics from the Pros

December 1, 2015

Check out the self-motivation of these players.

Quotes to keep you going...

“Working hard becomes a habit, a serious kind of fun. You get self-satisfaction from pushing your self to the limit, knowing that all the effort is going to pay off.” ~ Mary Lou Retton

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

"Everyone talks about age, but it's not about age. It's about work ethic. Winning never gets old." - Lisa Leslie

"I really don't care about scoring as long as we win, ... That's all that gets us going is winning. It doesn't matter how many points you score. If you have a 'W,' you did your job." - Diana Taurasi

"Everyone's dream can come true if you just stick to it and work hard." - Serena Williams

“Make sure you live in the moment and work your butt off every single day, and I hope I inspire people all around the world to just be themselves, be humble, and be grateful for all the blessings in your life.” - Steph Curry

The importance of sports...


NBA - The Art of Footwork

November 30, 2015

There are a couple of travels in the mix... and some "wrong-foot" lay-ups... but look at the pivots, jab-steps, and pump fakes... all used to create space.


Steph Curry - Success is Not an Accident

November 29, 2015

Attitude. Belief. Commitment.

Effort. Attitude. Teamwork.



Get Perfect Shooting Form!

November 23, 2015

Start and stay in close...


Warm-Up Routine

November 19, 2015

A great way to warm up before practice.



Steph Curry: Actions Speak Louder than Words

September 23, 2015

Never Give Up

September 1, 2015

Fundamentals - Highlights of a pro player - Stephen Curry

May 26, 2015

This is the highlight video for Stephen Curry in his team's game 3 playoff win against the rockets. These are really team highlights... 

Things to watch:

  • Moving without the ball = getting to the open spot, making passing easier for his teammates
  • Looking up while dribbling = ball handling skills  = crossovers
  • Not giving up the dribble = dribbling out of trouble or finding the open man
  • Passing up the court = transition
  • Blocking out and getting the rebound against a much taller player = easy put-backs
  • Going up strong = getting the foul call
  • Finishing with the left = using the weaker hand to get to the basket
  • Shooting form - balanced, proper footwork, follow-through 
  • Assists, assists, and more assists = easy shots later
  • Jumping the pass = attacking passing lanes to get the steal
  • Using the screen (pick) off the dribble = getting to the basket
  • Back door cutting = easy lay-ups
  • Pump fakes = getting open looks at the basket
  • Quick passes = getting teammates involved
  • Defense! = shows he cares
  • Attacking the rim, attacking the defense = putting them on their heels
  • Hustle, hustle, hustle - but doesn't rush
  • Teammates = setting screens, running the floor, playing help defense, pick-n-roll

This is all from just ONE game!