2018 14U CRAB Rules

MLB rules will be followed if not specifically addressed below.

Field Dimensions- 60ft 6inches pitching distance with 90ft bases. Leading/stealing/bunting allowed. NO SLASH BUNTING ALLOWED. Slash bunting will result in an immediate out and all players return to base they came from. Infield fly rule in effect.

Game Length - (7) inning games. No time limit on single games. Two hour time limit on straight doubleheaders. For (3) way games there will be a (1) hour and (50) minute time limit on games. No new inning starting after time limits have been reached. Games can go extra innings until time limit has been reached. (5) innings shall constitute an official game or four and one half (4 1/2) innings if the home team is leading for (7) inning games.  

Bench Side:  Home team will get their choice of bench side. They will not switch sides between games of a doubleheader. In (3) way games the home team gets their choice of sides for the 1st game, the team that is the visitor in the 1st game will remain on that same side for the 2nd game of the (3) way and will not move their stuff. For the 3rd game the team waiting to play the last game will take the side of the departing team from the 2nd game.

Protests- Umpires decision will be final.

Official Team Roster and Birth Certificates - No roster limits and no rosters to be submitted.  No player to turn 15 years old until 5/1/18 or after. Copies of birth documents should still be readily available by the coach if needed at a game. After playing in their first 2018 CRAB league game that player is ineligible to participate in any other CRAB League game for any other CRAB league team unless approved by the board. 

 Uniforms -  Uniforms should have a different number for each player.  If a conflict exists please work it out with the other coach prior to the start of your game.

Umpires- Home field location will be responsible for setting up and canceling umpires for the games played at that location. (2) umpires per game should be scheduled. Umpire fees will be split by each team per game at game time.

Baseballs - Each team will be responsible for one (1) new game ball per game then alternate a new or fairly new ball into the game if needed. A high quality game or tournament type ball should be used.

Mercy Rule- 12 run rule after 5 innings.

Collision Rule- All runners must slide or otherwise attempt to avoid a fielder who has possession of the ball and is waiting to make a tag. If a runner does not slide and there is no collision and the umpire rules the runner safe, then the runner is safe. Head first slides allowed but discouraged on straight steals. No head first slides into home. Player will be called out on any head first slides into home plate. Players will only be ejected if the umpire rules that the contact was malicious in nature. All others will simply be called out if the umpire rules that it was a must slide situation and the runner did not slide.

Jewelry - No jewelry worn by players except for medical purposes. Phiten necklaces are allowed.

Number of players -Can start the game with 8 players. Players will be inserted to the bottom of the lineup if they arrive past the start of the game.

Injury - If a player is sick/injured and must leave the game then that spot in the lineup will be skipped with no penalty. If an injury occurs during an at-bat and the player can't continue the at-bat, the next batter will take over that at-bat and assume the count. If injury occurs while on the bath paths the last recorded out will take the place of the injured player on the bases. Once a player is removed from the game due to an injury, that player is not eligible to return to the game in any capacity once his next at bat is skipped. The word sick and injury are interchangeable in this paragraph.

Ejection - If a player is ejected from a game, that spot will be recorded as an out on his next at bat only. Any ejected player, coach, or manager may not play or coach in his next  scheduled game. Within one (1) day the manager of the team that the ejection occurred on shall email Joe McIlhenney at joemacbaseball@aol.com with the details of the ejection. Failure to do so may result in a (2nd) game suspension. A 2nd ejection occurring during the season by the same player, coach, or manager will result in a suspension for the remainder of the CRAB League season.

​Pitching Rules- Coaches discretion. One pitch constitutes an inning pitched. Any pitcher who enters a game and throws a pitch to a batter, is now the pitcher of record. Any pitcher withdrawn from the mound may not return to that position in the same game even if removed on a first visit. Any coach who goes onto the field of play (2) times in an inning to confer with a pitcher must make a pitching change or third overall visit for the same pitcher must make a pitching change. This resets for each new pitcher. The only exception is due to injury or equipment damage.

Recommendation for coaches as it pertains to pitchers:

95 pitches max per game

0-30 pitches = no days rest

31-45 pitches = 1 day rest

46-60 pitches = 2 days rest

61-75 pitches = 3 days rest

76+ pitches = 4 days rest

Intentional Walk-  Pitcher does not need to throw any pitches to intentionally walk a batter.  Batter may also be intentionally walked during the at bat at anytime without throwing any additional pitches.

Bat Restrictions- BBCOR - 3 bats or wood bats -3. Composite wood allowed but must meet BBCOR certification. If an illegal bat is discovered prior to a pitch being thrown the bat will simply be removed.  Once a pitch occurs or anytime during the at bat but prior to the next batter receiving his first pitch the illegal bat is discovered the player will be called out.  Runners would revert to the base they occupied if discovered after a hit. Once a pitch is thrown to a new batter no bat protest can occur on any previous batter.

Bat Throwing: Each team will get their own warning when a bat is thrown from that team. After the warning, the second occurence by any player on the team that already received a warning will be called out.

Line Up- Can bat anywhere from 9 up to entire roster. Once the number of batters is established it must remain the same throughout the game. All players have free defensive substitution except a pitcher can not re-enter later in the same game as a pitcher. A substitute is any player not in original batting order. As soon as a substitute bats or runs for another player, the substitute and original starter are locked into the batting lineup slot and either one may bat or run in that lineup position only.

Courtesy Runner- With two outs may run for pitcher or catcher of record. Last batter out will be courtesy runner.

Balks - No balk warnings. Step to third and throw to first will be a balk.

Dropped Third Strike - In effect.

InField Fly - In effect.

Cleats - Metal cleats are allowed