Competitors…For all of you who are putting in quality preparation this summer getting ready for your fall season – you know who you are and so do the coaches. The harder you work, the greater the investment, the harder it is to surrender and the more valuable the reward.
Compete!! No Regrets!


There may not be a more negative force to a team than someone who takes energy from the group and any more powerful force than those who give and create positive energy.

 Whether you are an energy giver or energy taker - everyone knows who you are.
Great teammates are priceless - be one!


In athletics the most selfish thing you can do is not use all your talent and effort.
Give your team the gift of everything you have - no regrets.






Lady Bees Banquet 2018




Coaches with Steve Blass, Pittsburgh Pirate and World Series Champion, at the EQT Classic brunch at the Bridgeport Conference Center. Mr. Blass gave a great speech for the teams and coaches. Each coach received a Polo and the players received an EQT tee-shirt.

The EF Lady Bees enjoyed an outing on Saturday afternoon in Berkeley Springs mining for gems. McKiblerBees old fashioned pan mining trailer provided the activity.


Find those gems!


More gem finding!



Coaches meet Santa!

Kings Island Memorial Madness

Pictured to the left are members of the East Fairmont Boys Basketball Team standing in front of Kings Island in Cincinnati, OH.
East Fairmont Boys Basketball team competed in the Ohio Youth Group Basketball Tournament during the Memorial Day weekend held in Cincinnati, OH. East took 3 teams to this highly competitive tournament competing in the Varsity, Freshman, and 8th grade divisions. The varsity team lost in the semifinals going 3-2 for the weekend, while the freshman lost in the quaterfinals going 1-4 for the weekend, and the 8th grade made it to the championship game in their division posting a 3-2 record for the weekend.