Humble Bears Frequently Asked Questions:

“How do I register my child?”
Registration can be done online by visiting or in-person. Registration may be paid on the website through PayPal. Money order or cash in person.

“How can I reserve my child’s place on the team?”
A non-refundable deposit of $50 can reserve your child’s place on the team. The $50 will be credited toward your registration fee.

“What is included with the paid Registration Fee?”

Game jersey
Game pants
Game socks
Helmet decals


Weigh in Fee

Two Piece Cheer Uniform (Tunic & Skirt)
Cheer Briefs
Hair Bow (Game and Competition)


Weigh in Fee

“What is the Refund Policy?”
There are NO Refunds.

“How many players are on each Team?”
Each Team will have a minimum of 15-20.

“Are the players drafted for each Team?”
No. Players are assigned to teams according to age.

“Who are the coaches?”
All of the coaches are volunteers. Most have previous football and cheerleader coaching and/or playing experience. The coaches go through a screening and evaluation process by the Coaches Selection Committee in an effort to find the most qualified coaches. Also, all new and upcoming coaches will be certified through, USA Football Coach’s Certified Education Program.