Mission Statement

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"I learned that by achieving at a level that allows you to have options, you gain control over your life…It's about gaining and maintaining confidence that you can achieve your goals."
Author Unknown


HUMBLE BEARS YOUTH SPORTS is dedicated to guiding youth to realize their full potential, working with schools, families, and community organizations. The Bears provide opportunities for personal and academic success, bringing hope to individual young people and enhancing their quality of community life. The Bears offer a safe environment where the kids get the individualized attention that’s not available to them in the schools and select league environments. This program allows for the children to have experiences beyond their inner city neighborhoods that most families wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. It allows them to connect socially to children and adults of all economic, cultural and racial backgrounds and provides an extra incentive for the hard work they do after school and on the sports playing field. This helps the children see the value of positive choices and a good education. Another objective of this organization is to build courage and respect through our sport's program, never leave any child behind giving equal participation. Winners are born through desire, participation and creativity; we want to instill in every child the desire to dig deep for their goals, love and respect of family, team and society at large.

• The entire North East Houston, Humble, Atascocita, surrounding Communities and families

Football Camps Consisting of but not excluding:
Speed / Agility / Endurance /

Offensive Line / Runningbacks / Quarterbacks

Defensive Line / Linebackers / Ends

• Develop each kid in multiple positions to establish a more robust team giving all kids the opportunity to learn and excel.


• Develop the fundamentals of the game of football-stance, blocking, tackling, running, throwing, catching, conditioning, and sportsmanship.

• Develop the fundamentals of cheerleading - cheers, chants, jumps, stunts, good health and fitness, and sportsmanship.

• Establish an understanding of the commitment necessary by the parents and the athletes in order to enhance success, both on and off the field

• To provide a wholesome competitiveness within the scope of our rules and regulations that will protect the youth athlete and cheerleader.

• To provide a responsible football and cheerleader program where none is provided by the public schools.

• To influence good sportsmanship, teamwork, highest moral and physical standards and the importance of scholarship and academic achievement.

• To lend leagues support with remaining NON-INTRUSIVE to local operations.

• To make Youth Sports ALL-INCLUSIVE by not excluding participants based on superficial factors (such as weight)