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History / Players

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The Lawnton Angels formed in late 2007, as a result of expansion in the Central Pennsylvania Over-30 baseball league. Team manager Mike Moglia, and assistants Mike Herman and Mike Hopwood, brought along original
members Kevin Westra and Bill Bratten, and started the recruiting process. Soon after, the Angels added infielders Tim Drazba, Matt Fawber, and Mike Ragan, as well as outfielder Don Wells, and pitcher Justin Stewart. In the Angels inaugural 2008 season, the boys posted an admirable 12-4 regular season record and a semi-final victory before falling in the CPOT American League championship game.

2009 brought some new looks to the Angels. Adam Reedy was signed as a new infielder, and Doug Keller signed on as an infielder/pitcher, while Tim Drazba moved to part-time status. These were some key components to an already strong lineup, and the boys managed to get to the 2009 League Championship game and win it in dramatic fashion, 3-1, over the Mechanicsburg Cubs.

2010 saw the semi-retirement of ace pitcher Justin Stewart, utility man Mike Ragan and infielder Matt Fawber, while Tim Drazba was signed to part-time duty once again. This year, we have added several strong contributors to the Angels lineup: Aaron Confer was signed as an infielder, Shane Sites as an infielder/pitcher, Pat Long as a platooning right-fielder, and former Oriole Contrell Armor was signed and found his way into the lineup late in the season as a platooning infielder.

For the 2011 season, the Angels bid farewell to Infielder Tim Drazba
and Outfielder Don Wells. Mike Herman and Justin Stewart have stayed
on the roster as part-time players. New roster additions include pitcher
Joe Bosche, outfielder Tony Achampong, and infielder Darryl Reed. Some
positional changes are likely to take place, but the remainder of the
roster remains the same for this summer.

2012 needed to be a rebound season, of sorts, for the Angels. The boys came back nicely with a 12-4 record, only to lose in the first round
of the playoffs. At the season outset, we welcomed new members Eric
Bush - pitcher and infielder, and Hayes Kelly - IF, OF, and even did
some catching. Darryl Reed moved to part-time status, and Contrell
Armor departed for free-agency. As of November 2012, this is the
team status as we prepare for the off-season.

For 2013, the Angels added bats in the persons of Brad Remig and Dan Breen
Contrell Armor was re-signed, and Darryl Reed and Shane Sites
both opted for retirement.

The 2014 season saw the return of Shane Sites, who resumed part-time duties in the infield
as well as on the mound.  Contrell Armor departed once again, and the Angels added
Brian Rhykerd to the roster.

2015 began with the additions of free agents Jesse Jones, a valuable pitcher and utility man who came over from the Orioles, and league newcomer Gary Rapp, who proved to be a great addition to the team.  Despite a mediocre regular
season, the Angels managed a great playoff run and came o-so-close...losing to the Mariners in the CPOT Championship.

The 2016 Roster has 2 new faces....Infielder Matt Bonanno, and Outfielder Dan Cassell.  Both players are
extremely valuable additions and bring years of quality experience to the Angels.