Coaches the available fields list is located in the "Team Forms" link on the left-hand side of the page under MFSA Menu. It is the top form, done in an Excel spread-sheet.

MFSA and MBI share the city fields. Please go by this list and if you happen to come to a field and the boys are on it already practicing KINDLY ask them to leave. Coaches should have in their possession this list at every practice. Do not call the police, rather call Michael Allen-President of MFSA@214-808-3902 or Kelly Wagoner-President of Mesquite Baseball Inc@469-628-5405


Sunday practices

Coaches: For available fields for Sunday practices, you will need to contact the Field/Equipment Coordinator - Richard Smythe. The fields have a maximum time limit of two hours for team practice. The fields are available on a first come basis. Reservations should be made no later than Monday prior to secure the reservation.
Richard Smythe @ 469-223-4118