**Bows and Accessories**

If you like to accessorize your uniform and look, these items are for you. Team colors available. All hand made with love and care you can't get from 'mass market' products. For more info:
Maria Sifuentz
Email: MariaSifuentz85@gmail.com
Ph:(469)358-7177 (Call or Txt)

*Peace* LOVE *Softball*

SharpEye Photography

Hello MFSA-My name is Steve Park and I would like talk to you about my photo business Sharp Eye Photography. We take team and individual photos. I have hung my flyer in the glass kiosk case at MGSC. I live just five minutes from the complex. Our twins play Blastball. Thanks and have a great day!

Steve Park
SharpEye Photography


Rodeo Parade

*54th Annual Mesquite Rodeo Parade*
Thank you to all MFSA players, coaches, and parents for being involved in the longest running community event in the City of Mesquite. We were well represented with three brightly decorated "softball" floats. The girls passed out candy, softball pins and t-shirts! These items and the roaring cheers of the girls brought a smile to many faces:)