About Our School

We teach "Real-World Self-Defense and Combat Systems," which is a system of self-defense made up from a variety of Martial Arts. I won't bore you with which "styles" and that kind of stuff. What's important is that it works!


Simply put, these are principles and techniques that make sure you are the one going home to your loved ones at the end of the day.


It teaches kids awareness to recognise a potentially bad situation and how to avoid it. And should they find themselves in a bad situation, they'll have the techniques and knowledge to defend themselves.


Not only that, but this Self-Defense system is easy to learn. That means no prior martial arts training is needed. It's been taught to police officers, the military, teachers, doctors, athletes and non-athletes. 


This is NOT for people looking to "beat up" people. This is not a fight club or a gym. This is a school with certified instructors. It's all done in a safe, respectful and positive atmosphere. Everyone in class wants you to succeed and to get better. When your training partners are skilled they help you get better.


Plus, it's a great way to get in shape! It improves coordination, teaches respect and discipline, improves school grades and gives confidence.


This program is for everyone, not a select ELITE few.