SPECAIL TRIAL OFFER: $20 FOR 3 KID'S Martial Arts Classes or ADULT Martial Arts or FITNESS Classes

I don't have to tell you how important it is for a child to know how to defend themselves, whether it's against a bully or a bad stranger. We hear and read about these things all the time. At the same time, wouldn't it be great if your child had the confidence, discipline and awareness to know how to avoid those types of bad situations? Better grades, not getting involved with the wrong crowds and learning to live a healthy lifestyle. Sounds good, doesn't it?

At Mike Price's Martial Arts & Fitness our focus is Self-Defense and fitness. While other schools practice outdated performance styles of martial arts (which they market as self-defense) we focus on practical, “real-life” situations.

Think of it like this - which one do you want for your child, how good they'll look doing it (other schools), versus how it'll work in the real world (us)? As a parent of a teenage girl I know which one I'd wanted for my child.

The best thing to do is to have them TRY IT OUT.

So how about this offer? 3 CLASSES FOR $20!




Student & Parent Testimonials

Here's what my students have to say about our programs:

I would highly recommend going to Mike Price. He is a wonderful teacher, more concerned that the student understands what needs to be done
-Therese E.

I work out three times weekly with Mike Price and directly credit my general good health to the effects of these sessions. I am 53 years of age and have had the good luck to know Mike for eight years. The intense workouts we get with Mike are a fun and positive experience as well as the most effective exercise program I have ever done.

I have 2 sons who train with Mike Price and I have been very impressed with Mike's teaching skills with children of all ages(from as young as five) as well as his knowledge of the martial arts. He brings 20 plus years of experience in old school training into the modern era with fun vigorous exercise as well as simple techniques of self defense that he teaches the kids. He emphasizes discipline and respect for fellow students and focuses on the importance of school work. The best in the region.
- James

We enrolled our 6 year old son in MMA, and have seen it promote positive growth in his self-confidence, self- respect, respect for others, and discipline level at class, school, and at home. He has developed a true 'anything is possible' outlook knowing hard work, dedication, and believing in himself has many rewards both physically and mentally. Martial arts is a great outlet to improve health, fitness level, and life skills and you are never too young to start!

My son Noah, is 5 and has been enrolled at Mike Price's MMA since October. Since joining, Noah has gained more confidence in himself and enthusiasm for physical activity. What I especially like about MMA is that each individual is at their own skill level and although it's a class environment, there is much emphasis on improving your own individual skill set. Mike Price is an excellent leader and motivator, exceptional with the kids & always keeps things fresh with his emphasis on variety.
- Nikki Wiktorsson

I am greatful to of found this school. Mike is an amazing teacher every student is respectful and polite, the classes are fun and challenging. I have studied at other schools and styles and this has been the best place I have had the ability to train at

I was very leery of sending my child to any martial arts studio. I went with a friend and watched Mike work with young children for about 1 month before I signed my teenage son up. My son has gained so much confidence and a true love and respect for MMA from Mike. If my son could he would live at the studio and only come home to eat! Mike is definitely a teacher that parents can feel safe with instructing their children.

My son is a new student of Mr. Price's and we have seen great results in a very short amount of time. It is clear that Mr. Price cares about his students and the community as a whole. In response to an attempted child abduction in a nearby neighborhood, he recently offered a free class on stranger danger. It was very informative and empowering.

I have been training at Mike Price Martial arts for approx. 1 year now and even with being prior military and having served time overseas I am constantly learning new things every time I go to class. The environment is fun and respectful and Mr. Price is a great teacher. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in martial arts or fitness of any kind,and I can honestly say I have no desire to train anywhere else. I am honored to be a part of Mr. Price's class.
-Eric B.

Mike trained our son Jake for over seven years. Jake received his adult black belt along with confidence that he will carry with him for life. We will forever be grateful to Mike for the patient technical training he provided our son. We highly recommend his expertise in self defense and confidence building.
-Don G.

Mr. Price is an expert coach and teacher with extensive experience. Classes are available for martial arts, self defense, fitness conditioning, and weight loss. I have learned and improved so much in just a few short months of working with the school.
I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve!!!
Thank you Mr. Price!!!
-James Z.

This class has been absolutely amazing for my son. All around he is more focused and respectful. It has also stressed the importance of fitness. I'm really excited about the new schedule and added classes!!! It gives a little more flexibility if we happen to miss a class.
-Sara W.

This fitness class has been a great experience for me. My goal was to feel better over all to strengthen my lower back. And in just 6 short months I've felt great improvement. Walking bending and lifting w great ease. Lookout 2017!!! I'm ready.
-Joan W.

Mike changes each workout to hit different muscles so it never gets boring to me. I can tell it's helping me cause I feel better every week goes by. The fitness class has been a god send...
-John M.

since my daughters been taking classes at your school I've noticed a significant boost to her self confidence ... and her feeling of self worth.... she has a new understanding of the word discipline.. and the newfound self respect.... she stands up for herself and her family... and for that I thank you...
-Roger C.

Mike Price is not only well versed in Martial Arts but he is a model human being for my children to look up to. He provides an extremely safe environment with classes that accommodates all ages and experience.
-S. Pete

Awesome martial arts class, for anyone children to adults.
-Melissa G.

I love your instruction and classes! Always a challenge, always feel the burn!!!
-Debbie C.

The best fitness workout you'll get! I've trained at 4 different facilities across the country. Mike Price Martial Arts & Fitness, is more diverse, dynamic, and well composed. No workout is the same. You'll feel stronger ,confident, and burn! I highly recommend his classes! I've seen more improvement in a year with his focused fitness classes ,than any other fitness program, or personal trainer that I've hired. It's well worth it.
-Jillian K.




No experience required!






Call 727-415-3294 to schedule your seminar. We will work with your schedule as best we can. Times slots are limited so please call right away. Minimum 8 clients per seminar. If you have less than 8 we may be able to fit you in with another organization's slot. Seminars are held at:

Mike Price's Martial Arts and Fitness

6171 Central Ave.

Saint Petersburg, FL 33710


About Our School

We teach "Real-World Self-Defense and Combat Systems," which is a system of self-defense made up from a variety of Martial Arts. I won't bore you with which "styles" and that kind of stuff. What's important is that it works!


Simply put, these are principles and techniques that make sure you are the one going home to your loved ones at the end of the day.


It teaches kids awareness to recognise a potentially bad situation and how to avoid it. And should they find themselves in a bad situation, they'll have the techniques and knowledge to defend themselves.


Not only that, but this Self-Defense system is easy to learn. That means no prior martial arts training is needed. It's been taught to police officers, the military, teachers, doctors, athletes and non-athletes. 


This is NOT for people looking to "beat up" people. This is not a fight club or a gym. This is a school with certified instructors. It's all done in a safe, respectful and positive atmosphere. Everyone in class wants you to succeed and to get better. When your training partners are skilled they help you get better.


Plus, it's a great way to get in shape! It improves coordination, teaches respect and discipline, improves school grades and gives confidence.


This program is for everyone, not a select ELITE few.