Jugglers Club                  
BIG 10     Bronze Level     Silver Level      
(Min. 10)     (Min. 25)     (Min. 50)      
Player Age   Player Age   Player Age    
Cameron Black 10   Ethan Ashbrook 12          
Andy Musquez 13   Tygre Stockwill 14          
Luke Ford 13                
Gold Level     Platnium Level            
(Min. 100)     (Over 100)            
Player Age   Player Age          

The main difference between soccer cleats and baseball cleats for kids is the presence of a toe cleat. The toe cleat, located on the sole of a baseball cleat under the center of the toes, is illegal in soccer cleats for safety precautions. Referees check players' shoes for a toe cleat before every match and will make players change cleats if one is found. It is conceivable that you could play baseball wearing soccer cleats, but it would be illegal to play soccer wearing baseball cleats. Toe spikes increase the risk of injury in soccer. Due to the extensive amount of kicking and slide tackling, toe spikes would add an extra element of danger to the game. If toe spikes were to be used, other players would risk getting their legs and even their face punctured by a kick.