What are the different Divisions?

The Division in which you will play is determined by age - specifically, by your birth year.

Each Division plays a modified version of the traditional baseball rules, adapted to suit the age group.

  • T-Ball: With a focus on learning baseball fundamentals, young ball players will to hit off a "tee". Lead-offs and base stealing are not allowed, and fielders may stop play by controlling the ball and calling for "time".
    Players born 2014 - 2012

  • Rookie Ball: A pitching machine is used to allow players to learn to hit live pitching and benefit from the consistency of the machine and a faster-paced game.
    Players born 2011 - 2009
  • Mosquito:  Baseball
    Players born 2008- 2007
  • PeeWee:  Baseball
  • Players born 2006 - 2005
  • Bantam:  Baseball
  • Players born 2004 - 2003
  • Midget:
    Players born 2002 - 2000

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What if I've never played baseball before?

The goal of House League baseball is to learn the fundamentals in a supportive and encouraging environment. It is not uncommon to have a few new ball players at every age level, so don't let inexperience keep you from enjoying the game.

Our coaches love the opportunity to teach players how to participate and delight in all aspects of baseball!