Rexdale Baseball League Constitution

(Amended at the Annual General Meeting – September 2010)

1.    Name

The name of the organization will be known as “The Rexdale Baseball League”, hereby known as “the League”.

2.    Objectives

The objectives of the League are to maintain organised baseball in our community, promote and encourage the ideals of good sportsmanship to each player, coach and parent, and to educate the children of our community in the skills of the game.

3.    Membership

a.    A member of the Rexdale Baseball league is an active participant in one or more of the following capacities: Manager, Coach, Assistant Coach, Parent/Guardian, Sponsor and Appointed Official

b.    A person will be granted Honourary membership status by a two-third (2/3)-majority vote of the executive. An Honorary Member will have all the rights and privileges of a regular member

4.    Nickname and Colours

a.    The colours of the League will be navy, red, and white

b.    The official nickname of the Rexdale Baseball League will be “Renegades” and the logo will be as described in Appendix 3

5.    Executive Committee

a.    The Executive Committee, hereby known as “the Executive” will manage the affairs of the League. It will consist of the following positions: President, Immediate Past President, Vice President, Registrar, Director of Communication, Treasurer, Director of Equipment, Director of Sponsorship, Umpire-In-Chief, and three to five (3 to 5) Members At Large. Positions for Director of Coaching and Director of Education and Player Development to be filled as membership allows.

b.    The Executive will, through the appropriate sub-committee, appoint the following:

                                          i.    Convenors for each division

                                         ii.    Representative(s) for the Etobicoke Baseball Association

                                        iii.    Coaches for all League teams

                                       iv.    Fund-raising chairperson

c.    Members of the executive will not be reimbursed for their duties but will be reimbursed for any and all legitimate expenses.

6.    Committees and Sub-committees

The Executive will, as it sees fit, appoint Committee Chairpersons to oversee the Committees and Sub-committees as listed in Appendix 1.

7.    Elections and Terms of Office

a.    The Executive will be elected by hand vote at each Annual General Meeting and will serve a one year term or until their successors have taken office. Should any member request a secret ballot it will be honoured. The new Executive will commence their term on October 1. 

b.    Elections will be held in the order listed under Section 5: Executive Committee. Members will be eligible to run for more than one position but cannot be elected to more than one position. The successful candidate will be the person that receives the most number of votes with the exception of the voting for members-at-large in which the top three to five vote receivers will be considered successful. All candidates will be given a maximum of five (5) minutes to address the meeting.

c.    In the event that an Executive Committee member resigns, is impeached or the elective process does not fill the position, the Executive will appoint, at their discretion, a member to take his/her place for the remainder of the term.

8.    Finances

a.    The Executive will decide on all matters pertaining to the finances of the League

b.    All moneys belonging to the League will be deposited in such banks or credit union as the Executive may from time to time decide.

c.    Signing Officers for the League will be the President, Treasurer and ONE annually appointed executive member. The accounts will be so designed that any two (2) of the above must sign all cheques.

d.    Each Executive Officer will prepare and submit an annual budget to the treasurer no later than December 31.

e.    The annual budget of the league will be passed by the executive no later than January 31.

f.     The Executive, through the Fund Raising Chairperson must first approve all fund raising events.

g.    The Executive may, at its discretion, instruct the treasurer to provide funds to an officer or committee to be used for expenses. The executive at each meeting will ratify the use of these funds.

9.    Meetings of the League

a.    The first meeting of the new executive will be held within three (3) weeks of taking office. Further meetings of the executive will be held as necessary to carry on efficiently the business of the League.

b.    The Annual General Meeting will be held within the month of September. The Executive will determine the time and place of the meeting.

c.    Special meetings of the league may be called by five members of the Executive Committee or on the written request of twenty members. Notification to members of special meetings will be publicised by the Publicity Committee.

d.    Attendance at executive meetings is open to all members. Only Executive members are allowed to vote. Members wishing to address the executive will make prior arrangements through the president.

e.    Members addressing a general meeting will be limited to five (5) minutes on any given motion or amendment. Members presenting an issue are encouraged to present their argument or proposal in writing.

f.     Members wishing to be included on the agenda will submit their proposal to the president seven (7) days prior to the general meeting.

g.    A quorum at all league meetings will constitute 50 percent of the total Executive plus one. No legal business will transpire at a meeting unless a quorum is present.

h.    In case of a tie vote the chairman at all meetings will have a casting and decisive vote.

10.  Order of Business

a.    The regular order of business at all regular meetings will be as follows:

Minutes of previous meeting
Financial Report
Business arising from the minutes
Reports of Officers (written where applicable)
Unfinished Business
New Business

b.    The regular order of business at all Annual General Meetings will be as follows:

Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting
Financial Report
Business arising from the minutes
Reports of Officers (written where applicable)
Unfinished Business
Amendments of the Constitution
Election of the New Executive Committee
New Business

11.  Procedures

a.    The parliamentary procedure of Canada will govern all questions of order where the same does not conflict with the by-laws.

b.    NOMINATIONS for the Executive Committee should be in the hands of the Immediate Past President no later than one week prior to the Annual General Meeting. The Immediate Past President will then prepare a written Nominations Report for the Annual General Meeting. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor.

c.    NOMINATIONS are restricted to members of Rexdale Baseball League as described under MEMBERSHIP. Nominations for President will be accepted only for members who have served on the Executive for two consecutive years or more and must be a current member of the Executive. Nominations for Vice President will be accepted only for members who have served on the Executive for a period of one year or more and must be a current member of the executive.

d.    CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS can only be proposed by a member and can only be made at the Annual General Meeting or at any special meeting that is called for the sole purpose of changing this constitution. All proposed amendments will be in writing to the Director of Communication no later than 30 days prior to the designated meeting. The Director of Communication will then circulate the proposed amendments to the membership through the publicity committee.

e.    CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS WILL BE PASSED BY two-thirds (2/3) majority votes of members present.

f.     No provisions will be made for proxy votes for a regular meeting, the Annual General Meeting or any special meeting.

g.    The League accepts no responsibility for any debts incurred by any team or individual unless directed by the Executive to incur such debts.

h.    The League agrees to procure Medical and Liability Insurance to cover all active participants form any claims that might arise as a result of the operation of the League. All claims will be submitted to the Executive.

12.  Sponsorship

a.    All sponsorship issues will come under the direction of the Director of Sponsorship

b.    Yearly sponsorship fees will be determined by the executive at the first meeting of the new term and may from time to time be reviewed as they see fit.

13.  Registration

a.    Regular League registration will be held on the first weekend of March. Additional dates may be added at the discretion of the executive.

b.    The Executive, following the approval of the budget, will set registration fees.

14.  Financial Review

Should questions arise regarding the financial affairs of the league, a financial review will occur as is decided by the general meeting. A majority will determine how, and at what cost, the review will take place.

15.  Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the League will be from January 1 to December 31.

APPENDIX 1 - Duties and Responsibilities

a) The PRESIDENT will preside at all meetings of the executive and of the league. He/She will be an ex-officio member of all standing and special committees and will act as the League representative to the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Etobicoke. He/She will also be responsible for obtaining insurance coverage for all league participants. He/She will chair the Arbitration Committee.

b) The IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT will attend all meetings in an advisory capacity and will chair the Nominations Committee. The Immediate Past President will be entitled to hold another office provided that he/she is duly elected or appointed by the Executive to that position.

c) The VICE PRESIDENT will, in the absence, death or impeachment of the President, assume all duties and responsibilities of the President for the remainder of the term. He/She will be one of the representatives to the Etobicoke Baseball League and will chair the Trophy, Crest and Uniform Committees.

d) The REGISTRAR will be responsible for all player registration as set forward in the bylaws. He/She will keep records of all players according to age and division and will provide a hard copy report to the executive or to each convenor when requested. He/She will be responsible for collection of all registration funds and delivering these funds to the treasurer promptly. He/She will, if necessary, keep a waiting list of players should registration deemed to full. He/She will operate the league telephone. He/She is responsible for the house league schedules.

e) The Director of Communication will keep an accurate record of all the proceedings of all meetings of the league. He/She will coordinate with the Vice President in matters concerning all public relations and promotion of all league activities.

f) The TREASURER will receive and receipt all moneys paid into the treasury and will keep such books as are necessary to contain the accounts of the league. He/She will prepare and present at each regular meeting a written financial report of the league, a yearly financial and an up to date report at each Annual General Meeting. He/She will submit for approval at each regular meeting all accounts payable to the Executive.

g) The DIRECTOR OF COACHES will be responsible for assigning and supervising Managers and Coaches at both House League level and the E.B.A. levels. He/She will also be responsible, in conjunction with the Director of Education, for organising coach’s clinics and/or notifying coaches of existing clinics and for encouraging all coaches to attend such sessions. He/She will chair the Coaches Selection Committee.

h) The DIRECTOR OF EQUIPMENT will issue, collect, repair and store, in a league supplied storage facilities, all league equipment and will be responsible for maintaining an up to date list of all equipment and who is in possession of such equipment.

i) The UMPIRE-IN-CHIEF will assign a minimum of two qualified umpires for each league and E.B.A. game. He/She will also be responsible, in conjunction with the Director of Education, for organising umpire clinics and/or notifying umpires of existing clinics and for encouraging all umpires to attend such sessions.

j) The DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS will be responsible for all public relations and promotion of all league activities. This includes, but is not limited to, league registration, notification of press regarding playoff activities, procuring and arranging for team photos and preparing and posting full league standings. 

k) The DIRECTOR OF SPONSORSHIP will be responsible for obtaining team sponsors for all house league and E.B.A. teams as well as providing a team momento to the sponsor. He/She will also be responsible for obtaining appropriate sponsorship for special events.

l) The DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION will identify the needs of all participants, provide and promote information concerning existing programs and develop new programs as required.

m) MEMBERS AT LARGE (3 to 5) will aid and assist the Executive Committee as necessary.

n) CONVENORS will in conjunction with the Registrar be responsible for placing players on all house league teams. They will, after observing a reasonable number of games, balance each team within his/her jurisdiction no later than June 15. They will be responsible for allocation of practice times and in conjunction with the Vice President and Umpire-In-Chief, rescheduling all rained out games. They will obtain game scores from each home team coach and prepare league standings for submission to the Director of Communication. 

APPENDIX 2 - Committees and Sub Committees

League Committees and Sub-committees can be struck at the request of an Executive member, or as required. These committees/sub-committees may be one of the following:

-       League convenors

-       Banquet and Special Events

-       Tournaments

-       Umpiring

-       Scheduling

-       Fundraising

-       Education and Player Development

-       Coaching

-       Arbitration

-       Discipline

-               Other

APPENDIX 3 - Copy of League Logo

The logo for the League can be requested by contacting the Director of Communications.

APPENDIX 4 - Honorary Membership

DORIS ROY September 20, 1998
PETER WELCH September 21, 2000

APPENDIX 5 - Rules of Order (to be developed)

APPENDIX 6 - Policies

a) The Director of Equipment will issue standard equipment to all coaches at the beginning of each year. Other than usual wear and tear each coach will be responsible for such equipment and return it to the Director of Equipment promptly on or before the league banquet unless prior arrangements are made. 

b) Umpire equipment will be issued to the Umpire-In-Chief to be distributed to the umpires as necessary.

c) All helmets. league provided or otherwise, must meet C.S.A. Approval. All bats must meet O.B.A. standards. Equipment found to be in disrepair or defective will not be approved for use.

d) Should there be any dispute regarding equipment or the condition of the field, the umpire will have the final say.

e) Should registration be deemed to be full for any particular division, a waiting list will be kept based upon the date the registration was deemed to be received.

f) An Honourary Member will be presented with a Certificate of Recognition and have their names inscribed in the appropriate Appendix of the Constitution.

g) A full refund of fees, minus $10.00 processing fee, will be granted prior to June. The executive may consider special circumstances. A 10% discount will be provided for registration for more than one (1) family member. A family member is defined as brothers and/or sisters living at the same address.

h) Any and all protests must be submitted in writing within forty-eight (48) hours to any member of the executive to be passed to the Arbitration Committee. The Arbitration Committee will make their decision within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of the protest.

i) Sponsorship request letters will be mailed out no later than November 15. Thank you acknowledgement will be mailed to each sponsor no later than June 1 and will include a team schedule. Sponsor plaques will be delivered within four (4) weeks following the completion of the season.

j) Team sweaters will be ordered by March 15.

k) All-star coaches will be responsible for calling all registrants in his/her division, not just those indicating on the registration form that they wish to try out.

l) All-star coaches are responsible for insuring that all players are carded.

m) The executive can overrule cheque signing authority as designated within the constitution should two or more family members be elected to positions allowing such authority. Should this situation exist the executive will appoint a member(s) signing authority as required.

n) Umpires will be paid on a biweekly basis.

o) The Umpire-In-Chief must have their level one certificate prior to the commencement of the season.

p) Season ending banquet formats will be consistent throughout the league. The Banquet Committee will determine the format of the banquet. The date(s) will be set prior to the commencement of the season.

q) First aid kits will be included with each team’s equipment and will be replenished by the Director of Equipment as required. Coaches will be responsible for insuring that their kit is maintained. The Director of Equipment will keep a list of supplies required in each kit.

r) Members of the League will be used in all committee structures whenever this is possible.

s) A convenor cannot coach within the division he/she convenes.

t) The Annual General Meeting will be publicised on the registration form, be posted on all game schedules, be promoted at the annual players banquet and flyers will be provided for each coach to hand out to each player by August 15.

u) House league regular season begins with the first game. There is no ‘exhibition’ season.

v) The league will take on a cash accounting system with a financial statement to be made available on January 1st of each year. Copies will be available at registration and at the Annual General Meeting. It would also include assets listed without dollar value added.

w) If a situation should occur that any member of the Rexdale Baseball League deems a discipline committee necessary, the situation should be brought to the attention of any member of the executive. The executive member will notify the appropriate executive member. Matters involving players will be brought to the attention of the President. Matters involving coaches will be brought to the attention of the Director of Coaches. Matters involving umpires will be brought to the attention of the Umpire-In- Chief. During the absence of the appropriate executive member, the President or Vice President will act on their behalf. The appropriate executive member will gather facts and if necessary temporarily suspend the accused member. The appropriate executive member will then notify the President, who will set a date and time for the discipline committee to meet. This should take place within 72 hours after the incident. The discipline committee shall be chaired by the President or his/her delegate and consist of no fewer than 3 members of the Executive. All accused members will have opportunity to be heard by the committee, as will complainants. The committee will hear all pertinent facts and come to a decision as to the discipline to follow. Discipline can range from verbal warning to ejection from the league. Decisions by the discipline committee will be final and binding.

x) As our house league is an instructional league during regular season, with no benefits being given for winning or losing throughout the season, there will be a draw for placement for our play of schedules.