Hello Clint,

Just updating you on Alyssa Noel.  She made her way to state this year, which was very exciting and new for all of us!  However, she was disappointed in her run, although she should be proud of making it that far.  She placed 92nd with a time of 20:52.  She was hoping to be in the top 50, but that was with her thinking she could stay in the 19 minute range as she did at the regional meet.  Anyway, she had tons of support, and is now motivated to return next year!  In your last email, you mentioned that you train some runners.  Do you train on a regular basis, or just special circumstances?  I recall you even mentioned at camp a female coach that trains girls to be "fast." Do you have suggestions for Alyssa?  I would love for her to be able to train throughout the year to prepare for track and next years cross country.  Her goals are to run consistently in the 19 minute range for the 5K meets.  And of course to advance to state again next year.  Should we look into personal coaches, join a running club, or just train as she has been? Please let me know your thoughts!   Also, I checked your website, but did not see a "Testimonials" section.  You have my permission to post whatever you need to if that is easier. 


Carol Noel

“Texas Heat Cross Country camp was an amazing experience for my team and me.  It was five days of great training, useful classroom learning, and unbelievable motivation by the coaching staff and college mentors. When we came home the athlete’s parents didn’t even recognize them. This camp lit a fire in my runners that their parents had never seen before. Camp provided experiences and team bonding moments that my team would not have got to experience otherwise.  This including things like the zip line, pool party, kick boxing and a glow relay race.  I believe the college mentor sessions helped bring my team closer and create a bond that carried us through our season.  All of our teams, boys and girls, Junior High- High school had very successful cross-country seasons. I contribute our great year to Texas Heat Running camp for the experience, knowledge and excitement they instilled in my runners’.”


Coach Matt Appelman

Head Coach - Marietta Cross Country  

2013 & 2014 OK Girls State XC Team Champions

2014 OK Boys XC State 3rd Place Team

Texas Heat Cross Country camp impacted my running season a great deal this year. They have amazing staff, great lessons, and it’s a lot of fun!!!  They have opened my eyes and heart to running.   I have an abundance of love for this camp and you meet a tremendous amount of new people.  They taught me a variety of new things I never knew. Camp helped me stay healthy and mentally strong throughout my season.  I loved the encouragement they gave daily; it always kept me mentally strong and helped me when I felt like giving up.  The college mentors they brought in really had amazing stories that uplifted me also.  This Camp gave me the jump-start I needed to have a successful season!!!


Gracie Cain

Marietta Oklahoma

2014 State Champions - 13th overall

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Hey Coach Clint! It's Jarod from Camp and Choudrant. We are on the road back to the school after a good meet and I thought I'd tell you how I did. I had a real bad race last Saturday but came back today and smashed my PR by 42 seconds and came in second on the team behind Nate!! I don't know if you remember but last year and this past year at camp I told you about the troubles with a mental block I've had. I'm pretty sure I'm finally passed it and it's really showing in my practices and races. I think you, your camp, and your son Luke have definitely helped me get past it! I just wanted to thank y'all for all the help y'all have given me!!


Hey Coach Clint!
   This is Hadassah Marquart from camp, and I wanted to thank you for how much camp helped my cross country season. As of our most recent meet, I have cut my 5K time from a mid twenty-five minute to a 20:48. That is about five minutes off, and I couldn't have done it without all the work and support at Texas Heat. Not only was it intensive and fast-paced, but I enjoyed every day of it. Because of all your hard work to push us to our limits, I have become more comfortable with the 'outside of your comfort zone' mentality, and that has improved my running all the more.
   I am already looking forward to returning in August, and I am very curious as to what will be the same and what will change. The one thing I would call my favorite out of everything this past year is the 4-mile relay in the dark. Everyone was excited, and I think we all ran better than we know because the focus was on fun and friendly competition as opposed to a simple workout. However, hopefully not too much changes since every day was a big hit and improved every aspect of our training.
   We have our district warm-up this coming Thursday, followed by District the following week. I am hoping to pull that 20:48 down farther; my goal is to touch the 19's if I possibly can. My other goal however, is to make it to regionals in Lubbock with my team. It will be a very close race for Azle, but I think we can do it if we all run our best. I have actually seen one of my bunk mates from another team a few times, and she seems to be running well also.
      Thank you for a great kick-off to my season,
            Hadassah Maquar

As you know, I have put on more than my fair share of races.  I know the effort
required to make things work properly and the effort required to just get it done.
I toured the Country Ridge site Friday.  It looked like all aspects of the race from bus
parking to course markings were ready to go.  The course was almost too clean.
Having a backup or contingency plan for anything involving more than 5 people
is just good management.  Creating and implementing a contingency plan to accommodate
hundreds of young runners, parents, volunteers and a somewhat cooperative Mother Nature,
required a significant amount of effort.
You, the coaches and your army of volunteers did a superb job.  Unless you have
been responsible for an event of this magnitude, I don't think you can fully appreciate
how well it was executed.
You and your team earned a  GPA of 4.0 for all aspects of the event.
Stay safe,