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Mission Statement:

We stand behind the UHS philosophy, Family, Academics, Athletics - this is a lifetime attitude and not just one for high school.

* For each player to develop individual golf skills according to their own personal goals, whether it's to be a continually improving lifetime player, play on a college golf team, or pursue professional golf
* To play as a team approaching each shot with your best effort
* To demonstrate sportsman-like conduct at all times
* To have fun getting to know each other and supporting each other on and off the course

Coaching Philosophy:

To become good or great at this game, you must be coach-able! There are no shortcuts to improving at this sport.  Only dedicated practice, attempting competitions and good listening skills will help you improve. Most players think they are better than they actually are, a common mistake made by many in this difficult sport but the sooner you are more humble towards realizing this the sooner you will improve.  Most importantly we want to help you help yourself to learn the game so you can continue to teach yourself when the coaches are not present.  It all starts with a calm head on your shoulders, one that is open to ideas other than just your own.  For most who get hooked on this game, it then is about the journey of a lifetime, not about how well you played in high school or as a Junior.  It's more about realizing you are embarking on a journey to improve in a sport you love or will learn to love.  The amount of time required to improve in the game is different for everyone, for some it happens after high school so be patient!  Consider yourself lucky if you are able to participate and spend time learning this sport at an early age, as people get older it's harder to break into this sport and be competitive.  If you don't enjoy practicing, it's going to be hard to improve.  Practicing is not just about beating golf balls on a perfect lie on a range mat, you must learn to practice like you playing taking time to line up each shot and play it like it's one on the course.  This game is more often about learning to inform your brain what WILL happen vs. your body making your mind react to something negative.  Let's face it, most of golf is NOT positive reinforcement, most of what happens is negative so you must learn how to deal with the negative, better to understand this and deal with it than to ignore it.

The preferred method of communication will be via the website and email. We will work out an alternative approach with any parent / player who cannot receive electronic communications. We will use this website to communicate general information. You may use email or phone to contact the coaches at any time with questions. Contact info is in the menu.

Players will be notified verbally if they will be playing in a match at the conclusion of the practice or prior to the matches. An email or a posting on our website will follow to let players and parents know who is playing in what match and confirm location and times.

We encourage two-way communication and lots of praise for successes! Golf is a one of the most difficult games that takes years to perfect. Short term goals are good and so is celebrating small successes.

Storage for clubs at school:
If you need to being your clubs to school for a match or practice, please see one of the golf coaches for a locker to store your clubs and shoes at school.  You will want to be dropped off by the gym in the back of the school because the lockers are in that area.

School bus transportation will be provided to and from away matches only. Students must obtain their own transportation to and from practices and home matches at Holly Hills/Whiskey Creek. More information on where and when to catch the school bus to away matches will be forthcoming on the golf calendar. 

Uniforms and equipment:
Team logo shirts will be purchased as soon as the team is announced. 

Players must have their own clubs and bags, golf shoes are pretty critical to make a proper swing, otherwise the lower body cannot "grip" the ground.  Having good shoes also helps in wet conditions, it's nearly impossible to swing when it's wet without spikes.  Please have some decent shoes.

Some balls will be provided at matches for the starting players, this year we are playing Titleist ProV1-X with Urbana logo.

Whiskey Creek, Holly Hills and Worthington Manor (as well as away match facilities) graciously allow us to pactice and play our matches at their facilities and are some of the finest in Maryland.  Our conduct and attire on the course or during practice and play must be appropriate at all times. This includes understanding golf etiquette and rules, attire, repairing divots and ball marks (when on greens don't just fix yours fix others as you see them) and using appropriate language. Please encourage your teammates to conduct themselves in a way that reflects well of the entire team and Urbana High School and this will in turn serve as an example to all other schools we compete against. Taking care of the courses we play needs to become your habit throughout your golf career.  Take pride in the courses we are allowed to play, fix extra ball marks (hopefully you are making plenty!), we are very lucky and unique to have such awesome facilities work to accomodate our matches and practices.  Please show respect back to the courses and their patrons, we are not the only ones out there and this certainly will bring much respect to UHS and to Frederick County Public Schools.

A few comments on cheating:
The UHS Coaches do not like to have to mention it but cheating of any kind is not tolerated and is grounds for immediate removal from the team. Aside from being the most unsportsmanlike thing you can do in golf, its impact is embarrassing for the player and all those associated. Golf is an honor sport which requires integrity because it requires each individual to play according to the rules when no officials are present.

Golf lends itself to the possibility of cheating because the player is alone at times. Our team MUST display the best possible integrity we can put forth, this is critical to the coach. We will earn more respect when we call ourselves on proper penalties etc. We NEVER want to be known for any type of negative activity. It's not possible to feel good about winning knowing you didn't play by the rules.

Bottom line, if you need to cheat you are playing the wrong sport! We MUST show a positive role model to any and all teams and individuals we complete against, you will see as time goes on this is a critical function of golf (and any sport) competition.

Thanks, UHS Golf Coaches

Match Scoring

FCPS matches are played as follows:

Regular matches - we play 9 holes stroke play -
The top 6 players for each team compete

The 2 highest scores are removed and the top 4 are added up for a team score.

18 holes stroke play to determine who goes to the state championship.  There are multiple district matches per county.  This changes slightly each year, only a few individuals qualify along with one team per district match.

18 holes stroke play against all other county teams

18 holes stroke play against the other conference teams only

18 holes qualifier for the championship, another 18 holes for the championship