Universal Sports League LaVergne, Inc established in April, 2007. 

We are a community based organization in LaVergne with a Board of Directors consisting of a group of volunteers. We strive teach the fundamentals of basketball and promote good sportsmanship. We take pride in our league and try to be fair in our rules and policies. 

If at any time anyone has any questions, comments or concerns about any of the rules or policies, please feel free to contact any of our staff. 


Director: Julia Vestal 615-305-5890

We are always available at practices or games.

USL Skills Challenge

This season Universal Sports League LaVergne is excited to announce a Skills Challenge to Be held on tournament day to those who wish to participate.  Players will showcase their dribbling, shooting and rebounding skills. 

Players wishing to participate will complete a release form and pay entry fee of  $5.00

Rules for Skills Challenge


To challenge participants to zig-zag dribble through cones, speed dribble, shoot, rebound, and to score as many points as possible by making shots from designated shooting spots in 1 minute.

The participant concludes the one (1) minute competition with one (1) free throw for bonus points.



• Each participant competes one at a time against the stopwatch.

• Each participant begins with one basketball in hand and both feet behind and to the right of the designated starting cone 

• The participant begins when the timer yells “GO” or blows the whistle. The participant ends when the timer yells “STOP” or blows the whistle after 1 minute has elapsed.

• If a participant false starts, the timer blows the whistle so the participant can return to the starting cone for another attempt.

• Participants begin the zig-zag dribble by dribbling past the first cone to the left.

• Participants MUST follow the zig-zag dribbling around each cone, followed up with the speed dribble, as outlined in the Competition Flow Diagram before any shot attempts are taken from designated shooting spots.

• Participants may begin the shooting portion from any shooting spot and may shoot in any order.

• Once a shot is taken, the participant must shoot from a different spot (a participant may not take consecutive shots from the same spot, make or miss).

• Participants must retrieve their own rebounds.

• Participants must dribble throughout the challenge, including after rebounding and upon returning to another shooting spot.

• A basket counts only if the ball is released before the timer yells “STOP”.

• After the 1 minute, each participant will shoot one free throw worth 3 points.



A three point penalty will be subtracted to participant’s final score for EACH violation. *AII ruIings made by the Court OfficiaI/Scorer are finaI.

• Traveling

• Double dribble

• Palming/Carrying the ball


If all skills are not followed in sequential order shown on the diagram: zig-zag dribble through all cones, speed dribble around cone, shooting attempts, and free throw bonus shot


• Each time a shot is made, the participant is awarded with the corresponding spot’s points.

• Three bonus points are awarded for a made free throw at the end of the 1 minute.

• A three point penalty will be subtracted from the participant’s final score for EACH violation.

• For the final score, add shots made, plus three bonus points if the free throw was made, minus any penalty points. SAMPLE SCORE SHEET